foot ulcer cure with solecare

Foot ulcers can be painful, ugly and a cause of major embarrassment. A Foot ulcer is an open wound on the foot. It can be shallow or deep which can be determined by how it appears. A shallow red wound that affects the top layer of the skin is a shallow ulcer. While a deep wound that involves the skin, bones and tendons is a deep ulcer. But, these painful foot ulcers have a cure. You can treat foot ulcers with Solecare naturally. Read the details below:-

Foot ulcers are very tough to treat especially since it is difficult to completely cut off motion and lie still so as to allow the wound to repair gradually on its own.  This is also the reason why foot ulcers tend to get infected very quickly too.

Four Stages of Infection During Foot Ulcer:

1) Stage 1: A pus filled wound
2) In Stage 2 : Infection spreads to adjoining skin and underlying cellulite
3) Stage 3 : Infection further spreads and reaches the bone below
4) Stage 4: Gangrenous tissue caused by lack of proper blood flow in the region.

It is very critical to notice and treat foot ulcers while they are still in their initial stages so as to avoid major complications like bone infection and gangrene. Foot ulcers are very common in those who have diabetes as well as those whose blood circulation is poor. Conditions that distort the regular shape and configuration of the foot can also cause foot ulcers.

While there are quite a few medical interventions that are prescribed for treating foot ulcers, it is always better to go the natural route to avoid complex side effects. One natural substance that has been found to be very effective in treating foot ulcers is Curcumin. It is the chief component of turmeric and is a polyphenol that gives turmeric most of its medicinal qualities.

In Case of Treatment of Foot Ulcers Curcumin can Help as Follows:

1) Diabetics are more vulnerable to foot ulcers because the oxidative stress that is brought about by prolonged hyperglycemia in the nerves of the lower extremities triggers that activity of a transcription factor known as nuclear factor kappa B which generates pro inflammatory cytokines and tumor necrosis factor. Curcumin has the ability to suppress the generation and activity of these pro inflammatory substances thereby slowing down the process of wound creation and speeding the process of wound recovery.

2) Curcumin has broad spectrum anti-microbial properties that help in keeping all forms of infection away from an ulcerated foot. This helps in reducing the chances of contracting severe foot infections that can take much longer to heal and usually bring along worse symptoms like fever, excessive pain and stomach troubles.

3) Free radicals in the body contribute a lot to inflammation. An increase in the number of these free radicals or Reactive Oxygen Species as they are commonly known, leads to oxidative stress and is a result of lowered antioxidant potential of the body itself. This lowers the ability of the body to heal wounds quickly and effectively. The antioxidant properties of curcumin help in neutralizing free radicals which stops the inhibition of tissue remodeling and lowered wound healing ability. It also helps in contracting the wound so that it heals faster.

4) Most foot ulcers that are related to diabetes are more stubborn and refuse to heal quickly because there is a lack of a process known as fibroblast infiltration which helps in granulation tissue formation and production and deposition of collagen. Curcumin has an ability to enhance collagen production thereby quickening the wound healing process by regenerating the epithelial layer of the skin.

Treat Foot Ulcers with Solecare

Solecare is a Curcumin based supplement that may just help you treat your persistent foot ulcers for good. It is made using Curcumin grown at Bagdara Farms by farmers who are whole heartedly devoted to the cultivation of chemical free Curcumin. Without the aid of chemical fertilizers or pesticides they grow Curcumin that is pure and natural and can be used freely for treating stubborn foot ulcers. Solecare is a unique formulation made specifically for the treatment of foot ulcers. It can be easily ordered online without the tension of additionally delivery charges. So, use Solecare today and get your beautiful wound free feet back!

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