Sugeric new life to diabetic patients
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The change in the lifestyle today has largely affected our eating habits, with high sugar content, in the readily available packed and processed food, diabetes the slow killer, is on an all-time rise, at an alarming speed. Diabetes is an immedicable metabolic condition, where the blood sugar level in our body is at a constant high, as the body is unsuccessful in regulating it.

Hormone insulin produced by the pancreas is a prime factor in regulating the blood sugar, which in this chronic condition, is unable to provide resistance to the body and results in diabetes.

There are 3 Types of Diabetes

TYPE 1:- Caused due to lack of insulin production.

TYPE 2:- It occurs when the body cells are unable to respond to insulin.

Gestational:- Affects during pregnancy, when the glucose level in the bloodstream is high.

The age old miraculous spice turmeric has been extensively researched and has proved its might, at treating this slow killer and numerous complications that accompany it:

Combats inflammation

Inflammation in diabetes causes a large number of complications and is associated with obesity, which impairs the smooth functioning of insulin. The curcumin packed turmeric, works as a supernatural anti-inflammatory agent, to truncate inflammation.

Potent anti-oxidant

The golden spice is the most famed anti-oxidant. Studies have revealed that turmeric works as a fit, anti-oxidant, reduces the peril of oxidative stress, and heart risk in diabetes.

Lowers blood sugar

Curcumin laced turmeric , is considered as a virgin antihyperglycemic agent, it aids in lowering of the blood sugar level, stabilizes blood glucose and insulin levels, which is the paramount stumbling block, on one’s health during diabetes.

Anti Obesity properties

Holy turmeric launches a spiteful attack on the fat deposits, and fat tissues, marches forward, executing the anti-obesity action, which is cardinal in overcoming the impediments caused by diabetes.

Bagdara Farms, your one-stop for best turmeric brings to you, the goodness of SUGERIC. A product of Bagdara Farms, best avowed to resist the slow killer diabetes and its root causes. SUGERIC blocks the release of inflammation and with its ultra anti-inflammatory action, provides the best protection against the diabetic inflammation. The vital organ kidney is worst affected while suffering from diabetes, SUGERIC through its anti-inflammatory properties keeps kidney disorders at bay.

The curcumin-rich SUGERIC shields the heart health and provides protection against, the cardiovascular complications that occur during diabetes. SUGERIC, loaded with the goodness of minerals, through its potent action actively contributes, in preserving the bone mineral that usually gets depleted during high blood sugar. The unmatchable high curcumin levels, in SUGERIC, speeds up the process of wound healing, thus significantly cutting down, the risk of infections.

SUGERIC from Bagdara Farms promotes your health through its powerful anti-oxidizing properties; alleviate complications that follow diabetes like fatty liver, metabolic syndrome, to name a few. A doze of SUGERIC, with its vital curcumin content, is a simple effortless and economical addition to your lifestyle, which drastically brings down the risk of diabetes. It’s time to embrace the goodness of nature that comes packed in a bottle and say yes to a healthy life say yes to SUGERIC.

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