Oromin for oral problems


(Solution For Good Oral Health)

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  • Promotes oral health
  • Curcumin enriched
  • Helps in whitening stained teeth
  • Helps control plaque buildup
  • Helps control gingivitis
  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial
  • Anti-carcinogenic
  • Antioxidant
  • Non GMO
  • Organic and natural

The product is grown and processed organically by using the highest standards of manufacturing without causing any harm to the surrounding wildlife and with a softer approach towards the Mother Nature.

USA FDA Approved

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What is Oromin?

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To help you prevent, cure and alleviate from oral pains and worries, Bagdara Farms has formulated for you Oromin, an especially crafted organic product with curcumin in it that possesses medicinal, therapeutic and pharmacological properties that treats, prevents and cures all oral ailments and diseases, without causing any side-effects.

Properties Of Curcumin In Oromin:

  • Anti-microbial– The curcumin used to create Oromin has very strong antimicrobial properties that help fight germ-induced bad breath and cavities. It also helps in reducing microbial count and plaque index in case of gingivitis.
  • Anti-inflammatory Curcumin has the ability to tone down inflammation and pain by attenuating the effects of proteins and enzymes that induce pain. This helps in bringing down the swelling and inflammation of the gums. Oromin is also helpful in treating periodontitis which is an inflammation of the tissues that support the teeth. It helps strengthen the gums to avoid loosening and eventually loss of teeth.
  • Anti-plaque– Oromin also helps in scrubbing off plaque buildup that happens over time.
  • Anti-carcinogenic– The anti-carcinogenic or anti-cancer properties of Oromin, which help in causing apoptosis in cancer cells, helps in preventing oral cancer. Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and selenium found in curcumin are essential for maintaining healthy gums and teeth.


  • Make a paste using ¼ tsp of Oromin, pinch of salt and little mustard oil. Apply this once a day gums and teeth to get relief from gingivitis. OR 
  • Boil 1 glass of water with ½ tsp Oromin, 2 cloves and a pinch of black pepper. Gargle with this twice daily. OR
  • Boil ½ teaspoon OroMin with 2 cloves and use it as a mouthwash twice daily.

Please Note -It is advisable to start the dosage for all age limits in small quantity and then gradually increase it. It is also important to be cautious, not to give this product to children below the age of 2 years.

Disclaimer – Results may vary from person to person, depending on the age and medical condition. We would suggest you take it for a month to begin with and see the difference.

70 Reviews For Oromin

  1. Oromin has really helped me get rid of my problem of bad breathe. I has tried the best of toothpastes and mouthwashes but all in vain. What I really like about this product is that it can be used as an effective mouth wash too and I dont have to spend a lot on separate mouthwashes full of chemicals!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Amazing. Major results from one bottle. My gums have zero inflammation. It’s as if my gums grew and filled in the areas affected in my mouth. Also, since using Oromin my teeth are no loner “Sensitive”- I have used sensitive tooth paste for 12 plus years with no relief. My teeth are whiter, less plaque. Thank you Oromin.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Due to ageing, my father in law has issues with his oral care and hygiene. I thought of getting him Oromin for complete oral care. This is one solution for all the problems associated with oral hygiene. Highly recommended for everyone who is obsessed with oral care and hygiene.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    I am obsessed about healthy mouth so much so that I brush my teeth thrice a day. But I am unable to keep the proper hygiene f mouth of my 2 years old son. He dreads even with the name of brushing.and for me its very difficult and important to keep his oral hygiene intact. ORomin has helped me do that. It keeps the mouth of my son healthy and hygienic. I am relieved that no oral problems will ever come to him.

  5. Super effective this product is. And my family loves it to the core of their hearts. It is easy , natural yet effective. Oromin is our family dentist now.

  6. I have been using Oromin for the past one month for the annoying ulcers that used to keep popping up every now and then. They used to be so painful that even eating the normal food without any spices used to be troublesome. The frequency of appearance of ulcers has reduced quite a lot which is a great relief. I am very positive that with regular intake of this product ulcers will soon be a matter of history.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    I use this mostly as a teeth whitener and was pleasantly surprised. It has a mild, flavourful taste and gives fantastic results. Had to get used to the nature of the beast though. It is yellow and naturally requires a bit more intensive clean up post use but the positives offset. No chemical tastes during or after use, and absolutely no aftertaste. Does not “sour” the taste of your favorite drink immediately following use. Definitely gives a great clean feeling to the teeth and has cleaned some of the stains after only about a week of use.

  8. Rated 3 out of 5

    Oromin is a fantastic product with just one tiny side effect that it leaves a faint yellow tint on your teeth that fades slowly. Other than that, I have successfully vanquished bad breath by regularly using a mouthwash made of Oromin, kept cavities at bay, and put a stop to bleeding gums by using this product as a gum and teeth massager every week. I love the way my mouth feels after I have used Oromin. It is a squeaky clean, fresh feeling.

  9. Rated 4 out of 5

    My teeth used to look quite awful a few months ago as I had brown spots on them and also cavities that perpetrated bad breath even if I ended up brushing my teeth several times a day. Oromin has helped me get rid of all my dental issues including cavities. I use this supplement as a toothpaste and ass a mouth wash and the effect is incredible. The brown spots have faded considerably, giving my teeth a glistening shine that had never been there before. Also, since I no longer sprout cavities, the bad breath has vanished too.

  10. Rated 4 out of 5

    I am very bad at following up on my dentist’s advice and invariably end up getting cavities or gum problems. Lately though I have started using Oromin and I must say that it is a one stop solution for all dental issues. You no longer need to get 20 products for 20 different oral problems. Oromin has helped me keep my teeth cavity free and plaque free. It has helped me get rid of musty breath and has also made my gums squeaky clean and disease free. I love this product!

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60gms or 2.1 oz


Bagdara Farms, Madhya Pradesh, India


Bright Yellow

Key Feature


Diet Chart

Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. There exists a unique relationship between diet and oral health which only substantiates the fact that a balanced diet is very relevant to oral health (periodontal tissue, dental elements, quality, and quantity of saliva). Vice versa, an incorrect nutritional intake definitely correlates to a state of oral disease. Correct diet can play a significant role in being a good ally in maintaining oral health. Following are certain recommendations:

Fats -Needless to mention, fats should be derived from natural whole food sources to prevent inflammation and gum diseases. They ensure stability of gum membranes and also help in strengthening the immune system. Some of the healthy fats which could be consumed are ghee, butter, coconut, olive and flaxseed oil.

Fat Soluble Vitamins -The cells that make bones also constitute the teeth. These cells are called odontoblasts. Vitamin D and vitamin A play a vital role in tooth formation as well as odontoblast behaviour. Vitamin K activates the proteins that carry minerals and immune factors. In the absence of these three vitamins, tooth enamel doesn’t form properly and nor does its inner immune or defense system achieve potency. Few good sources of the mentioned vitamins are liver, eggs, butter, cheese, yoghurt, sauerkraut etc.

Probiotics - Probiotic bacteria play an important role in stopping the growth of harmful species. They are also instrumental for mineralization by putting minerals into teeth. Undoubtedly, they are vital for healthy teeth and gums as well as helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Dietary fibres that have beneficial bacteria are asparagus, avocados, bananas and all cooked and raw vegetables.

Water - Water helps wash away food particles which are embedded apart from maintaining the saliva levels. Saliva contains proteins and minerals that naturally fight plaque acting as mouth's best defense against tooth decay. Thus, staying hydrated ensures unlimited supply of saliva which accrues benefits as brought out.

Turmeric - Apart from being used for various medications, turmeric is also utilized in density. It has a potent role in the treatment of periodontal diseases and oral cancers. Turmeric can also be used as fissure sealant, mouth wash and subgingival irrigation in various preparations. Massaging aching teeth with roasted and ground turmeric eliminates pain and swelling.

For someone suffering from gingivitis and periodontitis, rubbing a paste made from 1 tsp turmeric along with 1/2 tsp mustard oil and 1/2 tsp salt can provide immense relief. It should be used on the teeth and gums twice a day.

 Few salient points

  • Certain foods which should be avoided or at the most, consumed in a very restricted manner, are sugar-filled sodas, sweetened fruit drinks, non-nutritious snacks, candy,  cookies, pastries, dried fruits, sugars (fruit sugar, milk sugar and table sugar) and cooked starches (cookies and bread, etc). Increase in the intake of fibres helps in diminution of absorption of sugars contained in other food. Valuable information on certain foods are as brought out below:
  • Calcium, phosphorus and casein contained in cow milk inhibit caries.
  • Whole meal foods contribute significantly to protection by virtue of the fact that they require more mastication thereby stimulating salivary secretion. Peanuts, hard cheeses and chewing gum are good gustative/mechanical stimulators of salivary secretion.
  • Black tea extract increases the concentration of fluorine in the plaque and reduces the carcinogenicity of diets that are rich in sugars.


  • Avoid the usage of this product in combination with any other medicine.
  • This product will address the main health concern that you are facing and thereafter the other health concerns.
  • Therefore it is advisable to target the main disease with one product from the range of products.
  • Regular BP to be monitored as excessive use or use with allopathic medication may increase or decrease your BP. Our product works on blood thinning and cholesterol and hence the BP must be closely monitored for the first week.
  • Diabetic patients must monitor their Blood Sugar Level twice a day initially for 3 days and then once a day for next 3 days and then weekly for about a month and then monthly.
  • In case you feel any of the parameters shoot up or down, please check if you are consuming any other allopathic medication for any other problem in the body and stop using it immediately as the role of our product is to replace every other medicine that you are using and let you resume regular lifestyle where you can eat and drink what you want.
  • As a reminder, please discuss the supplements and medication to take with our advisors.