Try Dragon Fruit for a Better Health This Winter

Dragon fruit! It only sounds scary, instead, it has numerous health benefits. Dragonfruit gets its name from the way its outer peel looks like a dragon’s skin. It was not a very famous fruit till about a few years but has gained tremendous popularity in the past few years. It a native fruit of South America but is cultivated commonly Read More


Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin (Don’t Ignore)

Listen To Article Since memory goes down the lane, vitamin D is often referred to as the “sunshine” vitamin for the simple fact that our skin stands to benefit when we are out in the sun. Needless to say, this vitamin is essential for normal growth and development. Severely low levels of vitamin D can result in soft, brittle bones, Read More

Brain Problems

Migraine Pain : Know The Most Natural Ways To Combat It

Listen To Article A migraine is an ailment which afflicts approximately ten per cent of the population across the board and has always been a formidable one. Not surprisingly, given today’s modern living conditions, the number is on the rise. Whenever a migraine is experienced, a definite pattern is seen. The pain, which is very severe, occurs on only one side of Read More


Do You Know How Your Medicines Take A Toll On Your Nutrition In The Body

Listen To Article Prolonged medication over some time can adversely affect health in some ways. It can be responsible for excretion of certain essential nutrients, interfere with nutrient absorption and even decreases the body’s ability to convert nutrients into a usable form. These effects are more pronounced in people who take certain medication over a long period. Different ways how Read More


Hypertension : A Silent Killer

Listen To Article Hypertension is the disease of the modern age and is undoubtedly a very common health concern across the globe. If not addressed in the right earnest, it can lead to major health issues. The adrenaline in the bloodstream increases due to mental tension and worry which in turn, causes the pressure of the blood to rise. The Read More

Recipes and Diet Food

Winter Fruits That Are Essential and Aid In Weight Loss

Listen To Article Notwithstanding knee-jerk reactions, weight loss also involves consistency, planning, dedication and of course, a little determination. While it is a fact that fruits are very nutritious, but they constitute a minuscule part of a healthy diet. However, what is not very commonly known to most of us is the fact that not all fruits are equally beneficial Read More

Prevent from Seasonal Flu

Let our Kids Be Safe From Cold & Cough during Winter

Listen To Article Children, especially at a young age, experience frequent bouts of colds as compared to those who are more advanced in age. This is primarily because, in young children, their immunity is not developed to counter the numerous cold viruses that are present, which number more than a hundred. It is commonly observed that colds tend to be Read More



Arteries are responsible for transporting clean, oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to various parts of your body. By constricting and expanding constantly, these blood carriers ensure that the life-sustaining fluid continues to flow properly and nourish all body cells. To be able to function is such a manner, arteries are made up of strong, flexible, and elastic material that enables them Read More

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