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Bugs in Jars During Monsoons, DO NOT WORRY!

The ideal breeding season for insects to grow, spread and breed is during the monsoons. Since they grow in damp and humid conditions, they reproduce rapidly and it is actually impossible to stop them.  Not known to many, weevils are small brown bugs which are commonly found in flour, cereals, grains or rice. They resemble little grains of rice, are Read More

Instant Look

Did You Know You Could Use Turmeric For Your Eyes Like This?

Though turmeric has been used liberally by generations since ages, it would be pertinent to mention that a minuscule percentage from amongst us know about its contribution to the health of our eyes. Most of us generally use turmeric as a spice that needs to be added in the kitchen especially to Indian cuisines. Research over the time has revealed that turmeric is a ready Read More

Brain Problems

Nuramin Perfect for People Suffering From Brain Disorders

A rare neurological condition that is passed on from one generation to another genetically, Huntington’s Disease can cause severe changes in a patient’s personality and depreciation of cognitive abilities and motor skills. HD is responsible for breaking down the nerves and interrupting the signalling processes that help various coordinate functions in the body. Such alterations make it difficult for the Read More

Skin Problem

How Curcumin Therapy Can Help Lower The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Whenever we talk about skin cancer and methods to lower our risk of contracting it, the first thing that comes to mind is using a sunscreen religiously every day, irrespective of whether we are anticipating an excursion in the sun or not. While a sun-kissed skin may be a coveted look for many, it is vital to keep your skin Read More

Cancerous Effects

Cholangiocarcinoma Can Be Cured With Curcumin

Bile is one of the digestive juices that help in the emulsification and breakdown of dietary fats. It is secreted by the liver and is taken to the gallbladder for storage through many pipes called bile ducts. From the bile ducts, the bile is taken to the small intestine where it breaks down fat.  Cholangiocarcinoma is a type of cancer Read More

Stomach Disease

Curcumin to Keep the Bowel Movement Smooth

As far as one can remember the one thing our parents told us that the most important part of your morning routine is clearing your stomach. For that we were asked to drink warm water, go for a walk and try everything to make sure that the rummy was clear before starting a fresh day. Most of us are able Read More

Brain Problems

Manage Multiple Sclerosis With Curcumin

Nerve cells of neurons are the special cells of the nervous system which help to pass on the messages from one part of the body to the other.  The covering of neurons is called myelin sheath which covers the nerve fibres and helps in communicating between the brain and rest of the body. Multiple sclerosis is the disabling disease of Read More

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