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While beauty is not skin deep, our body is the reflection of our personality and skin forms one of the largest organ of our body. Eczema or dermatitis is a condition of inflammation of skin. It is symptomised by redness, scaling, crusting, swelling and itching of the skin. It can occur because of several reasons including an allergic reaction, inappropriate Read More

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Health Just A Spoonful Away With Lactoturm

The change in weather can greatly and adversely affect our physical condition. It’s just not the alteration in our wardrobe, but our eating habits change with the changing weather. The fluctuating weather conditions are famous for triggering health situations that are capable of keeping us under sheets. A sudden attack of dizziness, upset stomach and cold, loss of appetite, flu Read More

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Balance Your Life With Shemeric

Lifestyle changes in the past few decades have greatly impacted our health in many negative ways especially for women. Our modified way of living, eating, change in the sleep patterns; have caused a disturbed phenomenon leading to hormonal imbalance. A women’s health is prime and central to the smooth functioning of the family, hence all efforts should be made to Read More

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Turmeric For A Healthy Mind: Nuramin

In the backdrop of pressure we encounter in our everyday life and given to our unhealthy lifestyle, a number of neurological problems have come up adding to our agonies. Bipolar disorder is one such neurological disarray, which is serious condition characterized by mood swings and depression. It occurs due to the imbalance of chemicals which help transmit signal to the Read More

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Tea with a Touch of Gold

The love for the monsoons is inevitable and so is the aversion to the number of infections and ailments that accompany it. As much lovely is the weather, sadly it’s twice as much hazardous for health. The beautiful season of monsoon brings with it allergies and health woes. Stomach infection bother you the most during the rains and you feel Read More

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This savory, sweet and sticky dish is great way to incorporate turmeric in your food. The delectable golden color makes the dish tempting and pretty on the platter. The aromatic and earthy flavor the golden herb lends to the dishes gives depth and adds a dash of health to them. The turmeric love has reached a new level and its Read More

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The revered spice, Turmeric is basking in the glory of its goodness, having made a place for itself on the world map, it is spreading the magic of its healing powers at a fast pace. This super herb, concomitantly, works as an anti-oxidant, anti- inflammatory, supports health, balances stress hormones, combats blood sugar, the list of its versatile properties are Read More

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The most powerful spice in the world, the humble turmeric is known as a natural and the most effective therapeutic herb that spells magic on anything that it comes in contact with. The agonizing condition of arthritis can leave you crippled, if left untreated. This ailment is accompanied by a horde of other ailments with it; arthritis not only leads Read More

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Pickle It Up!

At our service as a custodian of our health, packed with the magical powers of curcumin, Turmeric has surely been around for many thousand years. Its journey started as a medicinal herb, and was one of the potent herb of Ayurveda which could single handedly combat a number ailments. It reached our kitchens to become the most revered spice, spiking Read More