Lifestyle changes in the past few decades have significantly impacted our health in many negative ways, especially for women. Our modified way of living, eating, change in the sleep patterns; have caused a disturbing phenomenon leading to hormonal imbalance. A women’s health is prime and central to the smooth functioning of the family. Hence all efforts should be made to stay fit and eat healthily.

Turmeric and women have been partners since the pre-historic times, and it has been the favorite beauty enhancer and the most wanted spice on the kitchen rack of every woman. This humble spice has fortified its roots in our lives with its versatility. Turmeric’s therapeutic prowess is no longer a secret today with turmeric being the hottest and the most sought after spice. The anti-inflammatory properties combat the infective conditions encountered during the sensitive five days of the month. Turmeric is also cardinal in preserving the heart and bone health. The health benefits turmeric unfolds left the world asking for more of this god sent herb.

Bagdara Farm has specially crafted Shemeric, keeping in mind the multifaceted role that a woman has to play in our lives. The right amount of curcumin in Shemeric does wonders to a women’s health, helps fight all kinds of reproductive disorders and hormonal imbalance. Shemeric’s anti-inflammatory properties douse the infective condition of vaginitis; it inhibits the further growth of bacteria and yeast that is the root cause of the problem. The anti-endometriotic properties, in the curcumin-rich Shemeric, regulates the hormones to inhibit endometrial growth.

Shemeric successfully weaves its magic as antispasmodic and provides much-needed relief from the menstrual cramps, and there can’t possibly be a better and a natural choice with no side effects. Shemeric purifies and moves the stagnant blood which regularizes menstruation. Shemeric’s anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties combat the potentially fatal condition of toxic menstrual shock caused by bacteria.  Menopause, which marks the end of the reproductive ability of women, is marked by complications like, depression, weight gain, and impairment of bone health. Shemeric is a natural phytoestrogen and eases out complications arising out of this distressing condition.

Shemeric thus builds on the internal strength of the women’s body and gives a much-needed rejuvenation for a healthy feel. Shemeric is here to take care of your wellness and lift your spirits. So, make it a part of your lifestyle to stay healthy and happy.

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