Breast Cancer

Pain in the Breast is Not Always a Sign of Breast Cancer

Breasts are the mammary glands which are developed during puberty in females. More or less a lot of women complain of breast pain which is commonly called mastalgia. Generally, the pain in the breast is common through the reproductive years of a woman and even after menopause for some time. The severity, as well as the location of breast pain, Read More

Breast Cancer

Did You Know Taking This Regularly Could Prevent You From Breast Cancer Forever?

Listen To Article Breast cancer accounts for 25% of all cancers found in women. While there are numerous clinical treatment protocols that are followed during the treatment of breast cancer, it is also vital to know that the effectiveness of these therapies can be augmented by natural remedies. Carcirid, a curcumin enriched supplement created by Bagdara Farms has anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory Read More

Breast Cancer

Combat Breast Cancer with Curcumin

Listen To Article Cancer is medically defined as the uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal cells in the body. There is a myriad of cancer these days, but breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women. It starts when the cells of the milk-producing glands in the breast tissue undergo mutation or change and keep dividing without any pause. Read More

Breast Cancer

Treat Mastitis with Curcumin from Bagdara Farms

Having a baby is one of the best feelings in the world, but it comes with its share of health issues. Mastitis is a common health condition is women who breastfeed. It happens about three months after childbirth and can continue till the next two years. In other words, mastitis is the painful infection of the breast tissue in or Read More

Breast Cancer/Cancer

Curcumin to slay breast cancer, can carcirid champion the cause?

Women are becoming not only a significant unit of our society but have also become influencers in some significant positive changes that take place around us. With more responsibilities, come more challenges and in the rush to balance the professional and personal life, the health somewhere takes a back seat. When we say health, it refers to both biological health, Read More

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