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Gross frequency of myeloma is lower in India (1.0 per 100,000) as compared to the West (4.1/100,000)

But there is an indication that occurrences of MM are slowly increasing in metropolitan cities in India.

What Is Multiple Myeloma?

Cancer that affects plasma cells is called multiple myeloma.

Plasma cells are a kind of white blood cell found in bone marrow, which is the soft tissue inside our bones that produces blood cells.

In the bone marrow, plasma cells create antibodies. These proteins help our body fight off diseases and infections.

Multiple myeloma strikes our body when an abnormal plasma cell progresses in the bone marrow and replicates itself very quickly. The speedy imitation of malignant, or cancerous, myeloma cells ultimately overshadows the production of healthy cells in the bone marrow. As an outcome cancerous cells begin to accrue in the bone marrow, thronging out the healthy white blood cells and red blood cells.

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Multiple Myeloma?

Available Treatment for Multiple Myeloma

You could develop painful symptoms.

 Multiple myeloma also causes injuries to the bone marrow, which is the spongy area inside bones where blood cells are made.

As cancer grows inside bone marrow, it can deteriorate the bones to the point where they break. Fractures can be extremely excruciatingly painful.

What Is Bone Disease In Multiple Myeloma?

Bone connection signified by osteolytic bone disease (OBD) or osteopenia is one of the pathognomonic and crucial features of multiple myeloma (MM).

90 % of patients with MM develop osteolytic bone lacerations, normally complex by skeletal-related events (SRE) such as:

  1. Severe bone pain,
  2. Pathological fractures,
  3. Vertebral collapse,
  4. Hypercalcemia, 
  5. Spinal cord firmness.

These affect the quality of life negatively and unfavourably effect overall survival. OBD is a result of amplified osteoclast (OC) activation along with osteoblast (OB) reticence, which results in transformed bone remodelling.

OC number and activity are amplified in Multiple Myeloma via cytokine deregulation within the bone marrow (BM) milieu and negative regulators of OB differentiation overpower bone formation.

What Is Hypercalcemia In Multiple Myeloma?

Hypercalcemia is the most recurrent metabolic impediment of myeloma in patients, and extreme osteolysis is a chief contributor in its pathogenesis.

Hypercalcemia can happen in numerous types of malignancies, but the highest rates have been reported in Multiple Myeloma.

What Is Kidney Damage In Multiple Myeloma?

Kidney failure in multiple myeloma is a complicated process that includes diverse procedures and mechanisms.

The abnormal proteins go to the kidneys and get deposited there, this process causes blockade in the kidney tubules and altered filtering properties.

Along with this raised calcium levels can cause crystals formation in the kidneys, which causes damage to the kidneys. Dehydration and NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, naproxen) can also cause damage to the kidneys.

What Is Anaemia In Multiple Myeloma?

Malignant plasma cell fabrication hinders with the production of normal red and white blood cells. Anaemia happens when the red blood cell count is low-slung.

Anaemia can be the cause of (1) tiredness, (2) breathlessness, and (3) giddiness.

About 60 % of people with myeloma suffer from anaemia.

What Causes Infections In Multiple Myeloma?

White blood cells combat infection in the body. They identify and slay injurious germs that cause disease. High number of cancerous plasma cells in the bone marrow is the reason for low numbers of normal white blood cells.

This makes the body susceptible to infection. Abnormal antibodies created by cancerous cells do not support in fighting the infection. They overpower strong antibodies, which paves way for a weakened immune system.

What Is Blood Thickening In Multiple Myeloma?

Some patients who endure large amounts of myeloma protein can experience blood thickening.

This thickening is called hyper viscosity. It can slowdown the blood flow to the brain and result in confusion.

What Are Nervous System Complications In Multiple Myeloma?

According to https://www.emro.who.int/emhj-volume-15-2009/volume-15-issue-6/review-multiple-myeloma-of-the-central-nervous-system-a-clinicopathological-review.html

People suffering from MM often have neurological hitches. It could be due to metabolic ailments such as hypercalcemia, uraemia, and hyper viscosity or due to peripheral neuro­pathy, spinal cord compression and cranial nerve infiltration. The most common being cord compression and peripheral neuro­pathy.

Is The Bone Pain Constant In Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple myeloma can cause pain in affected bones – commonly the back, ribs, or hips.

The pain is recurrently obstinate, dull & throbbing, which worsens with movement.

Can Multiple Myeloma Be Misdiagnosed?

Establishing multiple myeloma may be tough because it can mimic other illnesses, including arthritis, diabetes mellitus or influenza.

However, if the following symptoms continue, it could be a strong warning of multiple myeloma.

Remember that most cancer patients don’t want to be treated in a different way just because they have cancer. Talk to your friend or loved one like you did before.

If you decide to help, remember: any love and support you provide can make a big difference, whether it cheers the patient up, or keeps them busy. All efforts should be towards one single goal: Healing & Getting the Person Back to Living Life.

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