10 Ways Curcumin Helps You and Your Body ! I bet You Didnt Know About 5th Point

We might have grown advanced today in the fields of medicines and technology. But in some way we’re all looking (and rooting) back to our natural traditional ways of healing, curing and wellness. We instil more trust in the naturotherapy rather than depending upon multiple doses of western allopathic medicine. Tulsi (basil), Neem, black pepper etc. have always been a part of Read More


Give Someone the Gift of Health Products

The season of gifting has dawned upon us. Mimicking Christmas, Eid, Diwali and New Year have also in recent times seen an increased trend in the area of exchanging gifts. From boxes of sweets to dry fruits to baskets of chocolate to money envelopes, the usual gifts have become so predictable over the past few years that their novelty has Read More


The Story of Curcumin: How Curcumin is beneficial for health

Contrary to what its name suggests, curcumin has nothing to do with cumin! Instead it is the chief ingredient of another Indian spice – the golden yellow turmeric. Curcumin is in fact what gives turmeric its beautiful yellow hue and it is also thanks to curcumin that turmeric is used so extensively as a healing substance. From what ancient Indian Read More


Curcumin Supplements – An Absolute Necessity

‘It was the best of times; It was the worst of times’ – A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens Our times today can be very aptly described by Mr. Dickens’ lines above. We live in times that have brought us comfort and luxury in the form of technological advancements. It is so easy to shop from the comfort of Read More


Aging Gracefully With Curcumin Supplements

Old age is an inevitable eventuality for each one of us. Just like any piece of machinery, our bodies too have a finite lifespan. All the wear and tear, mishandling, indiscretions and lack of maintenance lead to subtraction of precious time from this lifespan. On the other hand, just like a well-oiled machine which is used with care and maintained Read More

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