Prevent from Seasonal Flu

Blow away Whooping Cough with Curcumin

Our respiratory system is prone to many infections caused by microbes lingering in the air that we breathe. Pertussis is one such highly contagious infection of the respiratory system that specifically affects the nose and the throat. The other name for the disease is whooping cough and gets its name from the typical hacking cough followed by a high pitch Read More

Prevent from Seasonal Flu

Beat Flu with Curcumin Rich Supplement From Bagdara Farms

Changing seasons open gateways for new foods and clothes. You can relish the foods you have been waiting for a year! But this is one side of the coin while the other side being not so pleasant. Sadly, changing weather also brings flu and infections. These become significant with symptoms like coughing, sneezing, throat infection, fever, etc. Why Infections Spread Read More

Prevent from Seasonal Flu

Beat the Virus and the Fungus with Turmflu

With the onset of monsoons one becomes more prone to viral and fungal infections. Where viral infections attack your nose, ear, throat and even stomach, fungal infections attack your skin. Children are the worst affected as their immunity levels go down during the rainy season. The question then arises that if we are aware of the dangers shouldn’t we start taking precautions Read More

Prevent from Seasonal Flu

Snuff Influenza With TurmFlu

As we bid goodbye to the scorching heat and pave way for the chilly winters around the corridor, it’s also time to brace yourself with regards to your health. The change in weather brings with it several health conditions, one of the most common and irksome form being influenza, which is a highly contagious condition. You are likely to breathe Read More

Prevent from Seasonal Flu

Turn the flu away this season with Turmflu

After months of scorching heat, the monsoon showers are much awaited to provide a welcome break from the hot summer sun. It brings along with it cool breeze, incredible weather, melodious pitter patter of the rain drops on the window pane, but all of it isn’t so picture perfect out of the frame. Besides all the good things, it brings Read More

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