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Most of us have experienced a nagging cough at least a few times in our lifetime. This extremely irritating symptom usually comes riding on the back of some of the other medical conditions such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, sinusitis, or upper respiratory infection. A chronic cough can also pave the way for other symptoms like fever, sore throat, and nasal drip. A cough is a vital physiological reaction exhibited by your body to remove foreign materials that are stuck in your respiratory passages. A cough can either be productive(wet) or non-productive(dry) in nature.

The Most Common Causes of a Cough are:

lungs treated for cough

  1. Common Cold
  2. Laryngitis
  3. Pneumonia
  4. Bronchitis
  5. COPD
  6. Dust Allergy
  7. Long Term Passive Smoking
  8. Asthma
  9. GERD
  10. Usage of ACE inhibitors
  11. Tuberculosis
  12. Lung Cancer

Why Cough Medicines Should Not Be Used

Cough medications are usually sparingly prescribed by doctors since most of them contain sedatives that may be harmful in the long run. However, sometimes when a patient finds it difficult to sleep and function normally just because of a persistent cough, their physician may recommend a cough medication that suppresses the body’s urge to throw out whatever is stuck. If taken for too long, cough-killing drugs could cause side effects like fogginess, nausea, confusion, and a dry mouth.

What Is the Best Solution Apart from Medicines Available from The Market

It is to avoid these very side effects of standard cough medications that many people look out for natural remedies that are effective yet side-effect free. One of the popular natural healers that many rely on for curing a cough is curcumin. A yellow polyphenolic pigment found in turmeric, curcumin is known to possess a plethora of therapeutic properties.

When Used as a Cough Medication, Curcumin can Help as Follows:

curcumin best cure for cough

  1. Curcumin is a natural expectorant. It helps reduce the inflammation in the airways, thus allowing the trapped phlegm to drain out easily. As a result, the cough slowly subsides since most of the irritants are expelled along with the phlegm.
  2. Curcumin has potent antimicrobial properties that help deal with the underlying bacterial or viral infection that is triggering the cough. By penetrating the membranes of the disease-causing pathogens and initiating apoptosis or cell death, curcumin slowly clears up infections. Gargling with warm curcumin water can help flush out germs that agitate your throat and trigger a cough.
  3. Curcumin is known to boost your immune function by exerting its antioxidant effect. It neutralizes all the harmful free radicals and pulls down the level of oxidative stress in your body. As a result, your white blood cells become healthier and are able to fight off infections better.

While choosing a curcumin supplement to help you beat a cough, it is essential to look for some key properties that make it worth your while.

Properties that Curcumin should have to Cure Cough

  1. The curcumin used in such a supplement should come from a wild strand as it is more effective.
  2. The curcumin used in the supplement should be organic and pure
  3. The curcumin used in the supplement should be adulterant-free. Any chemical residues that have crept into the supplement you are taking may end up doing much more harm than good.
  4. The curcumin used in the supplement should not be genetically modified.
  5. The curcumin in the supplement should not have been treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Turmflu is the perfect supplement that can help you get rid of the underlying condition that is making you cough relentlessly. It is grown by tribals in the serene and calm environs surrounding the Bandhavgarh forest which is known for its fertile and nutrient-rich soil.

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