turmflu for cold and cough in winters
Children, especially at a young age, experience frequent bouts of colds as compared to those who are more advanced in age. This is primarily because, in young children, their immunity is not developed to counter the numerous cold viruses that are present, which number more than a hundred. It is commonly observed that colds tend to be more prevalent during the onset of ‘fall’ and to winter season when children largely remain indoors and in close contact with each other.

Further, it is common knowledge that around eighty percent of infectious diseases including the common cold is spread through touch. It is only crucial that our children are imbibed with the habit of washing hands as often as possible. Try these few things to treat this ailment and of course, boost immunity.

Boost Immunity with These Easy Tricks

  • Any person in the family catching a cold is reason enough for all others at home to be overly careful about cleaning to ensure that no one else falls prey to the virus. This is indeed a challenge since viruses are known to survive for up to two hours on things like cups, countertops as well as towels. Frequent disinfection of commonly touched areas and objects with bleach or antibacterial wipes is essential to ward off the ill effects of the viruses.
  • Winter being a dry season, dehydration during this time is a fairly common phenomenon. Moreover, due to the low temperatures, the urge to drink water is vastly reduced. Thus, it is imperative that one should be deliberately conscious of keeping the body hydrated. We should ensure that our kids drink enough water or fresh fruit juices.
  • Another mantra that is widely advocated is that children should spend time outdoors during winters. It is a common misnomer that cold weather causes colds and the flu. On the contrary, by being confined inside,   we render ourselves to be more vulnerable to the viruses which cause these effects. The only precaution which needs to be taken is to be adequately covered when stepping outside.
  • By possessing anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties,  turmeric has always been known to help in relieving the symptoms of a cold. Make a paste out of dry turmeric stick charred on a stove. Apply this paste liberally on the bridge of the baby’s nose. This has yielded phenomenal results in providing relief.
  • Undoubtedly, a hot soup containing foods that fight allergy is both curative as well as comforting. Adding bones in a non-vegetarian soup imparts added benefits.  Doctors advocate that bone marrow contains a type of fat found in our organs which encourages the body to produce white blood cells to boost immunity. Marrow is the root of blood and keeps the body healthy and strong during the winter season. 
  • When out to play during the cold season,  kids should be appropriately attired. They should be made to wear several layers of loose-fitting, light, tightly woven clothing under a heavy jacket to keep them adequately warm and protected. Further, mittens or gloves, a hat, scarf, and waterproof boots especially when encountering snow or water, should be ensured to keep them amply insulated from the harshness of low temperatures.

Last but not the least, a sure way to keep our kids healthy is to ensure that they adhere to a healthy sleep pattern, consume plenty of fluids and have a diet that is always rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals, and whole grains.

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