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Listen To Article In today’s ‘perfection’ obsessed world it is common to find people body shaming each other. Losing weight has suddenly become a fad for all the wrong reasons. While being healthy and fit is desirable, it is utterly unhealthy to aspire for a bag-of-bones kind of body that most supermodels seem to endorse. It is a widespread misconception Read More

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Obesity No Longer A Problem With Curcumin

Listen To Article With our changing lifestyle and eating habits, our health has to pay the price for our choices. As we ignore our body and give in to cravings and allow our desire to be ahead of the pack rule us and take control, our systems and organs have to pay the price for the neglect. In the present Read More

Lean and Fit You

The Secret To Obtain Hourglass Figure Revealed!

It is the age of body shaming. Women who do not fit the bill when it comes to trendy body sizes and shapes are ridiculed and made to feel lesser than the others. Braving such a cruel society are women who turn their backs to ridicule and embrace the body type they have with much aplomb. All women have an Read More

Lean and Fit You/Weight Loss

Shed The Weight & Lose The Fat With Curcumin

LOSING WEIGHT THE NATURAL WAY :CURCUMIN Weight gain and obesity is a major concern today. The changing lifestyles, fast food, lack of time for exercise are just a few causes of this sudden increase in the number of obese cases we come across. Weight gain directly affects your health: cholesterol levels shoot up, high blood pressure, joint-related issues, heart problems Read More

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