Anxiety Disorders treatment with stressidra

We live in stressful times and yes in the race to be ahead of the pack we are brought to hit glitches and that results in us feeling anxious. That would mean that all of us have anxiety disorders and we need professional help. This makes it very important for us to understand the difference between normal feelings of anxiety ( like waiting for your results) and anxiety disorder that requires medical attention.

ANXIETY is a general term for several disorders that cause the feeling of nervousness, fear, anxiousness, and worrying.

What is Anxiety?

The American Psychological Associationn (APA) defines anxiety as “an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.”

It is imperative that we understand the difference between what normal anxiety is and what is brought on by anxiety disorders.

Regular or normal anxiety is the feeling you experience when you are in danger or when you find yourself worrying about the effects of an action.

Our human mind has been conditioned in that fashion that when we feel we are in danger these alarm bells ring and we feel nervous, our heartbeat increases, we sweat. All of these are signs when we have a regular anxiety attack.

Whereas earlier anxiety revolved around self-preservation saving one’s life, but these days anxiety revolves around work, money, family life, health and other things which may demand a person’s attention.

The feeling of nervousness before an important event of life and in a difficult situation is basically our body’s natural response for survival. So next time you feel nervous before your result or a match understand it is just a natural reaction to a feeling of apprehension and fear. and no you do not have an anxiety disorder.

Then What are Anxiety Disorders?

When the anxious feeling and reaction is not proportionate to the trigger or the cause and lasts longer accompanied by nausea, elevated blood pressure then one can assume that your symptoms have progressed beyond regular anxiety and you might have an anxiety disorder which requires professional help.

The APA describes a person with anxiety disorder as “having recurring intrusive thoughts or concerns.”

Six types of anxiety disorder:

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD):  most common, chronic disorder includes excessive anxiety that lasts for a long time, could be about nonspecific life events, objects and situations.

Panic disorder: brief sudden attacks of intense fear and apprehension can lead to shaking, confusion, dizziness, nausea and difficulty in breathing.

Occur suddenly escalate in 10 minutes and can last for hours.

Usually, occur after a frightening event but can happen without a trigger too.

Phobia: irrational and unexplained fear of something or someone. We all have them( That doesn’t mean we require treatment) unless it affects your life one must learn to deal with it.

Social anxiety disorder: the fear of being embarrassed or judged by people in a social gatherings or the public. Makes people stay away from social gatherings and people might become reclusive.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD): repetitive, distressing and intrusive thoughts and actions characterize this anxiety disorder.

Washing hands repeatedly, checking things again and again, cleaning personal items continuously are the signs of OCD.

Separation anxiety disorder: anxiety or fear of separation from a person or a place may trigger separation anxiety disorder.

Signs that you have an anxiety disorder

  • sweating
  • dizziness
  • trembling
  • increased or irregular heartbeat
  • back pain
  • restlessness and fatigue
  • muscle tension
  • being easily startled
  • recurring and ongoing feelings of worry, with or without known stressors
  • avoidance of certain situations that may cause worry, often affecting the quality of life

What causes anxiety disorders?

This can be brought on by a myriad set of reasons

  • Environmental causes; stress from the personal relationship, job, school, college, finances, and traumatic event.
  • Genetics
  • Medical factors: side effects of medication, symptoms of a condition, stress from an underlying medical condition
  • Brain chemistry
  • Substance abuse and withdrawal symptoms

Excessive anxiety triggered by day-day stress and event.

Diagnosis can only be made by a qualified mental health professional.

To receive a diagnosis your symptoms must have interfered with your life and make you miss work. .

Have experienced excessive worrying and anxiousness for at least 6 months.

Treatment it depends on causes and individual preference, treatment consists of the combination of psychotherapy, behavioural therapy and medication.

One can also managing the disorder by trying the following:

  • Stress management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Family support
  • Exercise

You also have a friend in Stressidra from Bagdara Farms. Stressidra is carefully curated using the cleanest and strictest measures.

How Stressidra works?

  • Stressidra is 100% organic hence it does its job with no side-effects.
  • Curcumin in Stressidra increases DHA levels in the brain and liver tissues thus strengthening cognitive function and lowering anxiety attacks.
  • The neurotrophic potential of Curcumin and its cell regulating activity helps in inhibiting anxiety attacks.
  • Stressidra has the powerful anti-oxidant action which reduces oxidative damage and also possesses anxiolytic properties making it a dynamic anti-stress agent.
  • Curcumin activates behavior-modulating mechanisms in the central nervous system and manipulates cell signals thus controlling and preventing anxiety attacks.
  • The anti-oxidant property of Curcumin in Stressidra prevents and reverses damage to cells by obliterating harmful radicals.
  • As it is enriched with a high content of Curcumin, which is nature’s best anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent.
  • Stressidra reduces inflammation and oxidative stress thus helping alleviate depressive mood swings.
  • Curcumin in Stressidra inhibits the action of COX and LOX enzyme- both key players of inflammation effectively without causing any side-effects.
  • The anti-oxidant action of Curcumin prevents oxidative stress brought on by free radicals.
  • Curcumin enhances the BDNF( brain derived neurotrophic factors) which is a protein essential for survival and function of brain cells thus preventing depression.
  • Stressidra regulates the activity of neurotransmittors in the brain in order to balance neurotransmitter levels and reducing depression symptoms.
  • Curcumin attenuates anxiety and stress brought on by depression
  • This wonderful product has therapeutic properties that will ameliorate insomnia.
  • Curcumin in Stressidra has neuroprotective property thus protecting the brain from any damage.

Get rid of anxiety with Stressidra

12 thoughts on “Anxiety Disorders Treatment with Stressidra

  1. I am suffering from general anxiety disorder. And I am taking Nexito 10 in daily basis as proscribed by my doctor. How it works on my brain and how it will effect on my routine job? Please give your valuable reply.

    1. Thank you Sir for your query, we are more than pleased to help you. We would like to say that firstly, Stressidra from Bagdara Farms is the best supplement for anxiety disorder as it is 1p0p0% organic and GMO-free, thus no side effects on your body at all. Also, it contains Curcumin in a higher percentage which increases DHA levels in the brain and liver tissues thus strengthening the cognitive function and lowering anxiety attacks. Stressidra also has the powerful anti-oxidant action which reduces oxidative damage and also possesses anxiolytic properties making it a dynamic anti-stress agent.
      Please allow us to give you a call back so that we can personally explain you better. We would look forward for your reply with your calling number. Else you can call us anytime on +91 9560254646. Also, you can read in detail about the product here

  2. I want to know I am suffering from severe anxiety I don’t want to take any such product which makes me feel blank or numb or sleepy so please suggest how it works as I want to live normal life with my office work.

    1. Thankyou Mam, for your query. We shall certainly help you. We would like to tell you that our product Stressidra is the best in case of anxiety as it is 100% organic and GMO-free, thus no side effects on the body. Also, it has curcumin in a higher percentage thus, does not make you blank or numb. It does not even induce sleep. Curcumin in Stressidra increases DHA levels in the brain and liver tissues thus strengthening the cognitive function and lowering anxiety attacks. Stressidra also has the powerful anti-oxidant action which reduces oxidative damage and also possesses anxiolytic properties making it a dynamic anti-stress agent.
      Please allow us to give you a call back so that we can personally explain you better. We would look forward for your reply with your calling number. Else you can call us anytime on +91 9560254646. Also, you can read in detail about the product here

    1. Hi mam, we would recommend you give your daughter our product Soja-a, which will help ease her anxiety, stress and anger, and this will happen when she gets a good night’s sleep. She won’t feel that a medicine is being given to her when you tell her that it is for her to get some rest and feel rejuvenated. Curcumin in Soja-a helps fight due to its many therapeutic abilities like it is an anti-depressant, helps release happy hormones in the body and balances the neurotransmitters in the body. Give this to your daughter twice a day, morning and evening either empty stomach or 1-2 hours post her meals. The link for the product is You can also share your number with us or can call us on +91 84486 34635

  3. Hello,

    I feel very stressed over a person and as a sensitive and an artist it becomes hard for me to cope with things and it hinders my overall energy levels and emotional wrong.

    I have recently been given meds for OCD and depression….in the past I was taking ariprazole ….. I also have thyroid and pcod. Borderline diabetes.

    Any suggestion or tips … Thanks.

    1. Dear Pritha,

      We are here to help you out. Please don’t feel low as in today’s world we all have many stressors surrounding us but we as humans are strong enough to fight them. I can understand it pulls you down but it is good that you are sharing your worries & anxiety with us.

      All what you are experiencing is because of stress of the unknown and because of that multiple other issues are cropping up. We have products for all the issues you are addressing but we feel you need Soja-a to be taken at night with milk (1/2 to 1 tsp) and Thyromeric for thyroid to be taken twice a day, morning and afternoon (1/2 tsp each). Atleast 2-3 bottles of both the products have to be consumed. It is a natural supplement which will help you in more than 1 way. We can also assist you on call if you need more clarity with our products. You can call us on +91 84486 34635 or can share your number.

      To view the products, please visit the following links:

  4. I am suffering from anxiety disorder. Met many famous psychiatrists and is on medication – clonotril 0.5. I stopped taking etilopam after 9 months recently and after that I have become extremely restless and can not concentrate and relax. Please hep.

    1. Dear Mr Prabhakara

      Do you drink alcohol and/or smoke ?

      If you do, you need to stop having alcohol in the evening as that doesn’t let your body heal itself when you sleep. This results in anxiety disorder. It is important that you have a sound sleep at night for 6 – 8 hours. So we suggest you have a product called Soja-A which you can order from our website with milk before dinner or after dinner. This will ensure you have a sound sleep. Please ensure that you also go to the washroom to avoid waking up midnight and disturbing the natural healing system of the body.

      You must order another product called Nuramin and have it in the morning and afternoon. This will work on the inflammation in the brain that may cause any seizures. Nuramin has to be had in water not milk and preparation is just like we prepare tea. Add 2 cups of water in a pan, switch on the gas, add half a tea spoon of Nuramin, a pinch of black pepper and let it boil until the content in the pan is good just for one cup. Pour it in a cup and sip it when it is warm to hot. Unlike tea, this sip must stay in your mouth (also known as buckle cavity) for 25 – 30 seconds before you gulp it down. Saliva from our mouth helps nutritions get absorbed fastest in our body.

      For the procedure to start giving you considerable results, you must wait for the right amount of the products to go into your system. Like a flight takes a while to get to the cruising height, herbs and chemical formulations also take time to reach a threshold where it starts action.

      In addition to this, you must avoid completely anything that has Gluten, Dairy or Poultry. This may sound like leading a life of a saint but this may just be the right time for you to choose between a life less healthy or a healthy life.

      The 2 products we suggest are, Soja – A for sound sleep & Nuramin – for Inflammation in the brain. Ideally you must complete 1 bottle of Soja-A in 15 – 18 days and 1 bottle of Nuramin in 15 Days (twice a day). We will reduce it to One each after you have reached a threshold which I assume will be after about 2 – 3 months.

  5. Hi,

    I’m not sure if I’m suffering from depression however I do have anxiety as my heart is racing. I have a fear of being alone, I have very negative thoughts like I’m going to die or what is the purpose of human life, what would I do when my parents are dead. Like all negative thoughts possible and I’m not able to move my body. Don’t feel like eating or taking shower or going to work.

    1. Hi Jasdev,

      You are doing perfectly fine and our team is here to help you out. Anxiety is a common issue being faced by many these days due to our fast paced life. Why stress over things when everything is fine and healthy in our life?? Let the negativity take a back seat and take charge of your life before it’s too late. Your parents are still here and so are you, so what we feel is that everything is well in your life. Just Stay Positive and start with our product STRESSIDRA. It will help ease your anxiety, will keep your senses relaxed and will let go of all the negativity. Start taking it twice a day for minimum 2 months and see how it works like a magic. You can view all details and order from the following link You can also share your number or can call us on +91 84486 34635

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