Leucorrhea Cure with Shemeric
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A woman’s life is never easy when not trying to work around the monthly cycle she might be struggling with another form of discharge.
Leucorrhea is something all women face, it is a thick whitish discharge, and it usually happens to all women during the reproductive cycle. This discharge usually is white, but for some, it might be yellow or slightly greenish yellow
A lot of factors can be responsible for leucorrhea, but the most common ones are hormonal changes, anaemia or diabetes.
This is a routine thing which all women deal with but yes if the vaginal discharge is accompanied by some other symptoms such as itching or redness in the area around the vagina.
Only in rare cases does leucorrhea begin before the menstrual cycle.

The Two Types of Leucorrhea Are:

Physiological leucorrhea–– brought on by the defence mechanism of our body to restore the chemical balance. It also takes care of the vaginal flexibility and the tissues around it. It is so called as vaginal discharge happens when the levels of estrogen are high.
Inflammatory leucorrhea— happens when the mucosa in that area is congested, or there is swelling in the vagina. This is accompanied by a foul swelling yellowish discharge, which implies that there is an infection. It also includes discharge brought on by STD and also due to post-partum discharge.


The hormonal disturbance is considered the leading cause of leucorrhea.
• Estrogen levels being high can also lead to leucorrhea.
• Poor hygiene habits
• Lack of iron in the blood.
• If you have diabetes, it could lead to more leucorrhea
• Vaginal wounds trigger leucorrhea
• Menopause
• Stress
• Urinary tract infection
• Indigestion and constipation can also cause vaginal discharge.


• Watery discharge
• Greenish-yellowish foul-smelling discharge
• Dryness and itching around the vagina
• In pregnant women and after delivery-leucorrhea is accompanied by the mucus of placental tissue and foul smell.
• When the discharge is more, there is every likelihood of the woman feeling weak and lethargic.
• Sometimes it is also accompanied by a headache.
• Frequent discharge can also lead to calf pain and pain in the lumbar region.

Treatment of Leucorrhea :

Since this is a prevalent condition which is embarrassing and irritating most people prefer natural remedies and Shemeric from Bagdara Farms is without a doubt the best remedy available.

Shemeric works on many levels as it is 100% organic and natural.

  • Being rich in Curcumin it checks the causes and inhibits the spread of leucorrhea.
  • Curcumin with its dynamic anti-inflammatory property checks inflammation causing agents thus preventing inflammatory leucorrhea.
  • The powerful anti-microbial, the anti-fungal property of curcumin kills all viruses, parasites and fungi that can cause infection.
  • One yeast that is responsible for leucorrhea is candida albicans, and the anti-fungal action of curcumin takes care of the fungus and checks leucorrhea.
  • Curcumin helps regulate the hormonal secretions and ensures that leucorrhea does not go out of control due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Curcumin is an effective analgesic thus it provides relief from cramps and also helps protect from any side-effects brought on by the use of anti-biotic.
  • The anti-oxidant action of curcumin kills free radicals and checks the hormonal imbalance.
  • The danger of sexually transmitted disease is also taken care of by the anti-microbial property of Curcumin.
  • Curcumin brings down stress by manipulating brain chemicals thus ensuring that anxiety and stress are reduced. Both of which are responsible for heightening leucorrhea.
  • Shemeric works judiciously towards boosting your overall health all due to the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of Curcumin.

If you can also try these home remedies along with using Shemeric your overall well- being will get the much-needed boost

Home Remedies For Leucorrhea Cure:

• Try applying yoghurt on the vagina it helps control itching and white discharge.
• Drinking the water that remains after the preparation of white rice. This is by far the best remedy to take care of the white discharge brought on by heat.
• Drinking a decoction of fenugreek seeds which have been boiled and then cooled in one litre of water. A similar decoction of walnut tree leaves or coriander seeds is also considered very useful.
Give your health the care of Shemeric, as it 100% natural you do not have to worry about the embarrassing leucorrhea forever.

1 thought on “Ladies Good News ! Leucorrhea Finds A Cure In Curcumin

  1. Leucorrhea can get really bad if ignored and who will know it better than me. I initially thought that it is just one of those days when the whitish discharge is more but it was accompanied with a lot of discomfort in the next few days. yes, not to forget how it spoils the undergarments. My gynae then advised me to take curucmin supplements and what better than Bagdara Farms for it. After regular use, the discharge has become occasional which is not too difficult to handle.

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