detox your dog with barkumin

As your dog’s master, do not make the mistake of thinking that you are alone affected by the pollutants in the environment. Your dog gets exposed to the same things that you are exposed to and all those metals, paints, gases have the same effect on your dog. The longer your dog is exposed to these toxins the more the chances of disease and health issues.

Next time when you plan a detox for yourself give your fur baby one too. Your dog does come in contact with a lot of things that have toxins, be it the air, the food all of them get them closer to toxins.

As these toxins end up blocking the enzyme secretion or the organ is unable to function properly due to blockage.

The first organ that needs a detox is the liver

We need to begin with the liver as this is the organ responsible for detoxification and is gifted with the ability to detoxify thousands of toxins.

Once the liver has been detoxified you are strengthening its ability

When your liver is detoxed you will not

  • Feel fatigue and tired
  • Gain unexplained weight
  • Have Skin problems and disease
  • Face chronic constipation
  • Have to suffer autoimmune diseases
  • Feel Depressed
  • Have any allergies
  • Suffer from frequent gastrointestinal issues.

A healthy and wholesome diet will ensure that your pet’s liver is healthy

At a regular interval, you must give vitamin supplements.

Once the liver has been freed of toxins the next system that needs detoxing is the gastrointestinal system:

Our body has been beautifully designed to ensure that there are various ways to flush out the toxins and the gastrointestinal system is one such path.

The gastrointestinal is responsible for storing and breaking down food, producing bile and also absorbing nutrients and vitamins.

The system also gives us autoimmune protection from bacteria with antibodies and also against parasites be producing acid.

To bolster your dog’s gastrointestinal system ensure that healthy substances are part of your dog’s lunch at least once a week.

The Skin( largest detox organ)

Just like our skin the dog’s skin also helps throw our liquid waste. Being the part that is exposed to toxins all the time the skin keeps collecting dirt, dead cells, bacteria and oils that are toxic.

To ensure that the skin is able to flush out the toxins we need to keep our fur baby’s skin clean.

The problem is that like us our dogs cannot be given a bath daily and neither does a loofah work for them as they sweat from their paws.

So how does one get rid of the get rid of the dirt, grime and bacteria. That is when regular brushing helps as this is the best way to remove dead cells.

The kidney needs a detox too:

The bean-shaped organs that are intelligent enough to be able to distinguish what needs to be kept in and what must be thrown out.

When the kidneys fail to throw out protein waste and end up filtering excess of water your pet stands the risk of being dehydrated and also too much toxic waste gathering in the body.

The best way to help your dig in such dire conditions is to give them purified water ( not much)

Now wouldn’t if we could get one product that could take care of all organs and detox the body and also give the care that the organs need.

Well, Bagdara Farms have taken care of that with the specially formulated Barkumin.

A product that has been created to give your fur baby’s health a shot in the arm.

What makes Barkumin perfect for detox is the high Curcumin content and we know curcumin is a strong anti-oxidant agent which helps make it a perfect detox agent.

  • Curcumin will bolster the liver health of your pet by destroying toxins and this keeps your liver in top notch condition.
  • The anti-oxidant property of curcumin kills oxidative stress and helps strengthen the liver health.
  • Being one of the most powerful anti-parasite and anti-viral Curcumin protects your pet’s GI tract from infection.
  • As Curcumin is rich and dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins so along with giving the nurturing care to your pet’s stomach it also gives the nutrients required for a healthy dog.
  • As curcumin exerts a potent immune-modulatory action it strengthens your pet’s immune system which makes the dog healthy.
  • Being a strong anti-parasite and anti-inflammatory agent curcumin ensures all parasites and free radicals are killed thus ensuring good skin health.

Barkumin works wonders with the detox

Barkumin being 100% organic, pesticide and insecticide free makes it the best thing that the doctor prescribed.

The mercurial pharmacological and therapeutic properties of Curcumin make it perfect for your dog’s health as it

  • Makes the immune system healthy
  • Brings down the harmful and negative effects of stress
  • Enhances natural digestion
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • The normal and natural detoxification process

With one product taking care of the detox of all systems you do not need to look far for help. Keep all systems of your dog in perfect condition without having to worry about toxins with Barkumin.

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