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Did You Know You Could Use Turmeric For Your Eyes Like This?

Listen To Article Though turmeric has been used liberally by generations since ages, it would be pertinent to mention that a minuscule percentage from amongst us know about its contribution to the health of our eyes. Most of us generally use turmeric as a spice that needs to be added in the kitchen especially to Indian cuisines. Research over the time has revealed that turmeric Read More

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How to Get Glowing Skin at Home?

Listen To Article “Haldi” ceremony has been a part of Indian Wedding Customs since ever. The glow that comes to the bride’s skin after the ceremony is unparalleled. Haldi or turmeric has skin benefits which are known to all. Right from being natural antiseptic to natural anti bacterial, Turmeric has numerous roles to play. We always think how to get Read More

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Curcumin Face Therapy For Healthy & Glowing Skin

Beauty is indeed about being comfortable in your own skin but beautiful glowing skin does no harm. With the increase commercialization, a lot of us have lost faith or forgotten to use granny’s beauty remedies that were hundred percent effective.  Having a zillion beauty products loaded with chemicals only gives superficial perfection and not skin deep beauty. Kamini is a Read More

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Curcumin For A Flawless & Youthful Skin Naturally

CURCUMIN: ELIXIR TO YOUTH AND FLAWLESS SKIN Who doesn’t want flawless skin? That youthful glow you’d hoped to get after applying all those creams and potions worth a fortune! We live in a fast paced world where we depend so much on chemicals, we forget that these carcinogens are in fact not only deteriorating our health but also damaging our Read More

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The best curcumin product for flawless beauty

Turmeric comes from a rhizomatous plant called Curcuma longa and this plant belongs to the ginger family. The bioactive ingredient of turmeric called curcumin has been seen to have some fantastic health properties and is superbly beneficial for the skin. There are many benefits that curcumin has for the health of one’s skin and it gives the perfect glow with Read More

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5 Unique Curcumin Face Masks for Scintillating Skin

It is safe to say that curcumin, is a super healer. From old Ayurvedic manuscripts to new aged scientific journals, everywhere curcumin has been lauded for its magical properties which can help alleviate any kind of inflammation. Its effects on human skin are beyond compare especially since our skin, being exposed to all the harsh irritants in the atmosphere, is Read More

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