Stressidra for combating depression naturally

We live in stressful times. Whether we like it or not the levels of stress that we end up dealing with these days are off the charts. There is the usual, often complained about work related stress. Indian work culture is thousands of miles away from any semblance of work-life balance. The expectations from every employee are unreasonable beyond words. Work hours are excruciating, the work loads are unthinkable and the competition is increasing by the minute.  Then there is the stress of commuting. Believe it or not, driving through insane traffic every day for over 2 hours each day can add up massively to your stress. Then there are other stressors sprinkled through the year like sick kids, loan EMIs for a variety of loans, house help that refuses to show up on time, house work, school admissions and so on and so forth.

People resort to many things to deal with stress. Some simply turn to easy medications that claim to get rid of anxiety and stress. These drugs may bring quick momentary relief but as is with most such prescription medications, they are not without a truckload of side effects including being habit forming. Others look at alternate therapies like acupuncture, meditation and herbal trees. These natural alternate therapies may take a bit longer but they are healthier and better.

One Such Natural Remedy Is Curcumin Therapy For Stress. Curcumin is a polyphenol that is the main constituent of turmeric. It gives turmeric all the medicinal properties that it is widely lauded for. In case of stress management, Curcumin can help as follows:

1) Stress has a tendency of affecting our brain negatively. Curcumin can help reverse this process by elevating the formation of new brain cells along with their interconnections.

2) The adrenal gland is responsible for producing the hormone known as cortisol. Stress increases the size and the weight of this gland, thus increasing the level of cortisol in the body. The long term effects of high cortisol are very bad and include increased weight around the belly region. It also leads to increased oxidative stress, memory deficit, performance issues and negatively affects the cognitive processes as well. Curcumin can help balance the cortisol levels in the body and return the adrenal gland to normal.

3) Curcumin can also help in uplifting the mood even in the face of stressors. It does this by keeping the levels of dopamine, noradrenalin and serotonin elevated.

4) Curcumin has anti-inflammatory powers that help in suppressing pro-inflammatory substances like cytokines. Cytokines are small proteins that are produced by the body’s immune system when fighting against all the microbes attacking it. Since cytokines promote inflammation they also suppress the activity of hormones responsible for putting the body to sleep. A Curcumin supplement can help by suppressing cytokines and as a result enhancing the sleep inducing hormones.

5) Curcumin is a great detoxifier especially since it is such a strong antioxidant. The toxins that build up in the body over time create free radicals that in turn cause oxidative stress. This leads to anxiety, depression and insomnia. Curcumin negates the effect of oxidative stress by neutralizing the free radicals.

Bagdara Farms has just the remedy one needs to deal with, this ever increasing stress. Stressidra is a Curcumin rich supplement that brings all the stress busting capabilities of this golden spice right to your doorsteps. The Curcumin used to make Stressidra is totally natural and organic and is grown locally by the hardworking farmers at Bagdara Farms. The nutrient rich soil here produces Curcumin that is so healthy and pure that there is no need for any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. As a result, this Curcumin is devoid of any unwanted chemical additives and is thus absolutely safe for consumption. Mix it with milk and honey or take it in the form of a concoction with warm water and a pinch of pepper, and Stressidra is bound to help you shake off those stress related blues in a jiffy. Live up your life with Stressidra!

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1 thought on “Don’t let stress get the better of you

  1. I am a teacher by profession and its a myth that teaching is a cool breeze job. It is as demanding as any other profession and the most stressful times are the ones in which exams are to be conducted, papers are to to corrected and results have to be compiled. I go crazy and my stress levels shoot up like anything. Then I came across Stressidra and started taking it regularly. Yes the times havent changed but my mental has certainly become better!

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