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Most of us have gone through the failed plans of hitting the bed early and waking up refreshed the next day, but there are few amongst us whose day starts backwards on almost an everyday basis. Wondering how? They wake up groggily tired and at night go to bed wide awake. Well, that’s insomnia for you. According to the scientific definition of insomnia, it is a complicated sleep disorder where the sufferer finds it difficult to fall asleep (onset) and/or stay asleep (maintenance).

Let’s take up the case of Anuja who is a young 28 year old who works for a PR firm. She was suffering from some of the symptoms of insomnia like fatigue through the day, waking up tired, mood disturbances, low levels of concentration and decreased performance at work. She would wake up like an owl in the middle of the night and then have extreme difficulty in getting back to sleep. She was very dissatisfied with her sleep, blaming the hectic work schedule and the deadlines at work to be the culprit. Little did she know that she was suffering from insomnia? A little sneak peek into the types of insomnia is as follows:

  • Primary insomnia- This happens when the individual has problem sleeping which are not directly caused due to some other health conditions.
  • Secondary insomnia- Usually caused due to the inability of the sufferer to sleep owing to a health condition like cancer, depression, arthritis, asthma, heartburn etc.

Another factor that can decide the types of insomnia is the time period for which it can last.

  • Acute insomnia is for a short time and happens due to stressful circumstances in life and can resolve without treatment over a period of time. e.g. when Amit could not go off to sleep before an exam and Shalini just could not sleep after receiving the news of her grandmother’s sudden demise.
  • Chronic insomnia occurs when a person has insomnia at least three nights a week for a month or even longer. Many causes of this type of insomnia include unhealthy sleeping patterns due to shifts, depression, anxiety and pain.

Anuja was diagnosed with chronic insomnia after a few rounds of evaluation by the doctor.

  • The course of treatment included first understanding and treating the underlying cause or health problems leading to insomnia.
  • After a long session of relaxation exercises, sleep restriction therapy, reconditioning and behavioural therapy, she could sleep like a normal person.

Having gone through such a prolonged therapy session, her friend recommended her to try an organic alternative to manage her sleep patterns and prevent the recurrence of insomnia. That creation is called Soja-a produced in Bagdara Farms from the purest forms of curcumin and turmerone. As the name suggests, Soja-a has many miraculous properties that not only help manage healthy sleep patterns but also have other benefits which are as follows:

  • The anti inflammatory powers of curcumin helps to ward off the free radicals produced due to many activities in our body, thus helping you to get rid of stress and relax.
  • A study proved that curcumin can enhance the good chemicals in our brain and also increase the production of dopamine, thus improving the overall mood which in turn influences the quality of sleep.
  • Sleep is extremely important to maintain for general well-being. On those days, when you are sleep deprived, turmerone and curcumin can prevent the symptoms of sleep deprivation like anxiety, oxidative damage and locomotor activity.
  • The pharmacological effects of turmerone as an anti depressant agent were investigated. Turmerone effectively increased the serotonin levels, lowered stress hormone levels and inhibited the activity of enzymes that breakdown the brain chemicals. Turmerone acts in combination with curcumin for enhanced effectivity.
  • The immune boosting abilities of curcumin and turmerone are also worth a mention. These holy ingredients can get into the cell membranes and increase their stability as well as resistance to any kind of infection.
  • Liver is an important organ which aids in the detoxification of the body. Have you ever experienced disturbed sleep after a night of heavy meal and hard drinks? Well, if the detoxifying properties of curcumin kick in at this point, helps in detoxifying the liver itself ensuring smooth digestion helping one to sleep better.
  • The antiseptic and antibiotic properties of curcumin and turmerone can help the body get rid of allergies that can lead to insomnia and erratic sleep patterns.

To reap the maximum benefits of Soja-a all one needs to do is take ½ tsp of the golden powder in many ways. One can mix it with milk, a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of black pepper and a dash of honey and have it before going to bed. Black pepper increases the curcumin absorption ability of the body. This magical potion taken for a few months will surely stop making you count sheep at night!

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7 thoughts on “Use Curcumin For A Sound Sleep & A Refreshed Mind

  1. Sir from 15 years i am suffering from insomnia because of it i am also suffering from depression anxiety acne gerd constipation chronic fatigue dizziness my age is 24yrs old would this soja a help me or not and how to consume at night or at both day and night please help me

    1. Hi Dishant. Thank you for your query. You can surely use Soja-a to fight insomnia and associated symptoms. It has to be taken twice a day. It is recommended to use initially for a minimum period of 2 months to see its effectiveness on your body. You can view all details from the following link and you can also call us on +91 9560254646 or share your number with us and our team will assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I lost my beloved grandmother a few months ago. The anguish that accompanied the loss ate into my ability to sleep at night. I stay awake all night long, reliving the terrible moments leading up to her death. My work and my personal life are both getting severely affected. I am not someone who ever had to rely on drugs to achieve health goals but now I am almost on the verge of giving such sleep-inducing drugs a shot to save my job and my life. But, before I take the plunge, I want to try out some natural remedies. Can Soja-a give me the desired results without leaving me groggy and drugged??

    1. Soja-a is made up of organic curcumin that has natural mood-elevating properties. It stimulates the body to produce neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that relax the mind and body and help induce sleep. Curcumin also tones down the severity of symptoms of sleep deprivation like anxiety, oxidative damage, and diminished locomotive activity. Apart from all this, curcumin helps keep infections at bay by strengthening your immune strength. When your body is in good shape, your mind too is relaxed and hence falling asleep is a smoother task. Curcumin helps regulate the production of the stress hormone known as cortisol, thus reducing stress considerably. Try taking Soja-a every night before going to bed preferably in warm milk with a pinch of pepper for best results.

      1. Hi here is one question. Which is very importent. How long will take to cure sleeping disorder . Or it will take for ever.. Wil it effect to sexual like?

        1. Hi Noor Alam,
          It takes minimum 40 days to 2 months to see a difference in your health when you start using a supplement like ours. It is a 100% organic supplement and has no side-effects on your health. It will also not affect your sexual life. For more details or info, you can call our team of consultants on +91 9560254646

  3. I can so totally relate to the effects of sleeplessness elaborated in the above article. Long working hours on weekdays and partying on weekend changed my body clock in such a way that I could not fall asleep till 2 or 3 am. Then the next day was affected due to poor quality of sleep. I then started using Soja-a which helped me to calm down my nerves and have a good night’s sleep. I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed every single day now.

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