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Striking Out Gout Naturally With Calmya

Our lifestyle constantly controls our health, bad food and drinks largely affect our system. Despite our best intentions, we find our self gorging on unhealthy food, which is most easily available everywhere. Foods high on salt, sugar, processed food, smoking, consumption of alcohol, our sleeping habits, all boil down to our health and are foremost in elevating ailments like gout. Gout affects our joints and is a type of arthritis, which occurs when there is a rapid build-up of uric acid; this causes formation of crystals on the joint which lead to inflammation. Excess uric acid, which otherwise is a waste product excreted by the kidney’s, solidifies in form of needle shaped crystals of uric acid and is called Gout. This is a condition which causes excruciating pain and inflammation, restricts movements and is a disturbing factor in one’s life. While the medication involves steroids and NSAID’s to control the pain, a natural remedy works wonderfully to have a lasting effect without causing side effects.

The long revered in traditional healing practices, turmeric has been a rare gem in the therapeutic herbal world. It has done everything to give justice to its awe striking anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, anti-oxidant and many other rehabilitating properties, which have woven a healing halo in our lives. It has duly earned that prized space in the spice rack, since our grandma’s time and been a go to fix for any ailment that we can think of.

Calmya from Bagdara Farms is a wonderful exemplar, of how an ancient herb can be reached out to the modern world. While retaining its goodness, it continues the healing process naturally and organically. The rich bio-active curcumin found in this prodigious product, Calmya, works as a miraculous anti-oxidant and improves the metabolic health and kidney function to lower the nasty uric acid level. As a phenomenal anti-inflammatory agent, Calmya brings down the despicable inflammation associated with the unsettling condition of gout.

Calmya as the name suggests, relieves us of pain and swelling in gout attacks, it does it all, naturally and organically. When this wonder product is consumed as an adjunctive treatment, it keeps the gastric side effects at bay, thus having a soothing and calming effect on your health. Maintaining healthy weight is beneficial in preventing gout and Calmya does just that, it potentiates weight loss outcome of diet and exercise. You now have the nature’s goodness which will not only alleviate the symptoms of gout but will uplift and elevate your holistic health. Say yes to Calmya and bring home the fruits of great health.

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