It is strange how we do not know many parts of our body and how every organ in our body is more significant than the other. The gallbladder located under the liver is the little organ that stores bile produced by the liver and is prime for digesting the fat.

The infection of this small but essential organ can cause inflammation known as cholecystitis or in common terms known as gall stones. This is a common ailment, with symptoms like vomiting, acute pain under the right arm, back or abdomen. These distress causing stones can be as small as sand grains and as big as a golf ball. However common the situation is if left untreated can turn into a chronic one. The big stones are surgically removed but why reach that stage when they can be treated with the most natural herb, our very versatile turmeric.

The multifaceted turmeric swipes its healing touch on every organ, and this pear-shaped important organ to has not remained untouched from the goodness of this prodigious spice. The rich curcumin present in the golden herb successfully inhibits the formation of these gall stones, which helps to regulate the bile and cholesterol levels for the smooth functioning of this organ. By being a therapeutic herb, turmeric is a powerhouse on anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and has an enormous therapeutic effect on the gall bladder related problems.

Calmya, the top of the line product from Bagdara Farms is brimming with all the natural goodness to give you a healthy gall bladder and alleviate all the problems that might hinder its natural operation. Calmya naturally stimulates the gall bladder contraction and maintains the natural bile flow to the best of its capacity, due to its high level of curcumin and splendid aromatic compounds.

Calmya successfully lowers the cholesterol level in the body and ameliorates anti-oxidant defenses to forestall gallstone formation. Calmya works wonders to impede biliary dyskinesia, which hinders the flow of the bile through the bile duct. Its awe striking anti-spasmodic action palliates colicky pain in the bile duct obstruction. Calmya is visibly great at combating the parasitic infection that causes anguish such as liver fluke, which is the foremost in causing bile duct obstruction. Its cholesterol-lowering properties ensure us a healthy and hearty gall bladder function. It’s the time we understand our complex human body and treat every part with utmost importance. Give natural care with the goodness of nature, reach out for your bottle of Calmya and be rest assured of a healthy self.

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