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The ancient scriptures bear a testimony, of turmeric being the spice of life during the prehistoric period. Popularly known as the curry spice, turmeric has paved way for itself, adding its earthy and musky flavour to gourmet food. This fiery spice has been long categorized as the superfood, it is being lauded for it’s for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and myriad of health benefits it offers.

Advantages of Turmeric

Indian kitchens have been liberal with the sprinkling of this golden dust, and as a go-to fix for all the common health issues.

  • Turmeric has been the magical child of Ayurveda and has long served as a versatile herb for a large number of medicinal purposes.
  • Also known as the poor man’s saffron, turmeric is being hailed the world over for its potential to fight deadly diseases and keeping a large number of maladies at bay.
  • The cosmetic world has vyed this queen of spices and has come up with various concoctions for a youthful healthy glow of our skin.

Touted as one of the most wanted spice, turmeric is the main ingredient of scrubs and face packs, Hence this wonder spice has been an essential part of our lives and is surely here to stay.

In the backdrop of stress, we face in our everyday life and attributing to our fast-paced and unhealthy lifestyle, a number of neurological problems have cropped up. At this point we need a touch of nature with potential goodness, to embrace us with wholesomeness in the most organic way. Turmeric, for ages, has been actively contributing towards the regeneration of the damaged brain. Turmeric undoubtedly is the most versatile healing spice in the world with numerous health benefits.

The curcumin, rich specially curated, Nuramin turmeric, from Bagdara Farms with its dynamic component of active turmerones, readily contributes to the multiplication of stem cells. It thus strongly supports the process of regeneration in neurological diseases. Nuramin is a great brain supportive supplement, and contributes, to enhanced neural stem cell growth in the brain. The aromatic turmerones packed Nuramin, effectively help,  in the recovery of the brain function in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and stroke.

The unmatchable, high curcumin level in Nuramin prevents the accumulation of the destructive beta amyloids in the brain, thus significantly cutting down, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, where the memory loss damages the quality of life.

The magical curcumin also breaks down the existing sheets of the corrosive beta-amyloid in the brain, promotes brain health through powerful anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Nuramin helps cell membranes in the brain to arrange themselves in an orderly fashion.

For an agile, happy, and healthy brain, blessed with deep memories and rich imagination, make the healing Nuramin a must-have in your everyday life. Let your brain grow and breathe with the healing powers of Nuramin.

3 thoughts on “Perk Up The Grey Matter With Nuramin

  1. Although an above average student, my son had slowly started losing interest in studies which in turn were affecting his grades. He said that he tries to study hard but could not concentrate for more than ten minutes. I came across Nuramin onlin and thought of giving it a shot for my son. After giving it to him for two months every night without fail, his attention span also started getting better. Super happy!

    1. Hello sir, Nuramin has to be taken twice in a day, morning and evening, either before or after your meals. The procedure to make it is, boil 1 glass of water with 1/2 tsp of Nuramin powder and a pinch of black pepper powder for 5-7 minutes. Once boiled, pour it into your cup/glass and add 1/2 tsp honey to it. Drink this twice a day. Few more ways to take it is given on the following link

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