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We all wish for glossy, healthy, and long tresses! Don’t we? But the sad part is for most of people the hair stops growing after a certain length and they even start thinning. Have you ever faced these issues? Are you troubled by them? And desperately looking for a solution for these issues? Do you keep on asking yourself how much does hair grow in a year?

Most of the common causes are poor environmental conditions, unhealthy lifestyle, and food habits.

To have a boost in your hair growth, it is crucial to know on an average how much hair grows in a year. Check out the next section to find out more.

How Much Does Hair Grow In A Year?

You will be surprised to know that for every person, the hair is programmed genetically to stop growing after they reach a particular length. On reaching this stage, they go through the catagen, telogen, and exogen phases before they begin to grow again.

On an average, for each individual, the hair grows for about 6 inches annually, and generally (growth phase also known as the anagen phase lasts for about 2-7 years. But we all experience different hair growth cycles, which are affected.

Know About the Four Phases your Hair Follicles Go Through During The Growth Cycle:-

hair growth cycle

1. Anagen phase (growing phase)

2. Catagen phase (transition phase)

3. Telogen phase (resting phase)

4. Exogen phase (hair shedding phase).

Each of your hair follicle goes through this cycle and the volume and hair length is determined on this. If this cycle is disrupted due to various reasons discussed below, the normal hair growth is also affected.

Please Read the Following Reasons if Your Hair has Stopped Growing After a Certain Point :

1. Genetics

Yes, you read it right, the color, length, the volume is determined by your genes. Genes play a crucial role in the hair growth cycle. If you are blessed to have healthy, thick,   and long hair despite not able to give much time, then you must be thankful to your genes

2. Stress Level

It has been proven medically that your psychological stress also determines hair growth. Due to stress, Telogen effluvium enters in the telogen phase (resting phase) prematurely, thus 30% of the hair growth is restricted entirely. Although, you don’t require any medical treatment for this, and it doesn’t last for more than 6 months surely it affects your hair growth cycle and causes massive hair loss.  If you are stressed, Stressidra from Bagdara Farms will surely help you.

3. Age

We all know that hair turns to gray on aging but it also affects its growth. The reason behind this is that due to age, the anagen phase gets shorter as we age. Also, we indulge ourselves into a lot of hair treatments like styling, bleaching, dyeing, and treating your hair which also has a big effect on your hair growth cycle.

4. Hair Breakage

As we already know, that our hair growth, is about 6 inches a year. But, if you notice that your hair has been of the same length past few months, then the reason behind that must be breakage. Now, the reason behind the hair breakage can be both inadequate or excessive hair care. heat styling and Overprocessing your hair excessively may result in the loss of elasticity and moisture that leave the hair dry and brittle thus leads to breakage.

5. Split Ends

split ends

If you have dry hair, you have surely noticed split ends. If your hair doesn’t get enough nutrients, it is difficult for it to maintain the moisture levels. As a result, the hair will start splitting and as a result yield in breakage. Although, you cannot do anything if you have split. Appropriate hair care is a must to avoid split ends and breakage. The product Trichoturm from Bagdara Farms, takes care of your hair, on your behalf while you are busy in the hush-rush of your busy routine.

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