Carcirid helps in Breast Cancer naturally

Women are becoming not only a significant unit of our society but have also become influencers in some significant positive changes that take place around us. With more responsibilities, come more challenges and in the rush to balance the professional and personal life, the health somewhere takes a back seat. When we say health, it refers to both biological health, which also comprises her nutrition, stress and all aspects of her body. All efforts should be made to ensure best of health and the well deserved quality of life for our women, who are pivotal for the existence of many lives that exists around her.

What is Breast Cancer? Is it a threat To our lives?

One of the most common cancers in women with a high mortality rate continues its deathly march still. Breast cancer is a malignant tumor, which starts from the cells of the breast. While breast cancer is commonly predominant in women, it can affect the men too. The cancer though arises in the breast subsequently spreads to the surrounding tissues and other organs.

What could be the root cause of this Deadly Disease?

However, there is no particular cause that highlights its conception, there could be multiple reasons why breast cancer could strike.

  • Age could be one of the risk factors that increases our chances of getting afflicted.
  • Having being diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast increases the chance of the other breast getting affected too.
  • Family history too makes you getting affected by breast cancer higher than the others.
  • Women who have been diagnosed with certain breast conditions have great risk of getting afflicted with breast cancer.
  • Having no children after the age of 30 increases the risk of breast cancer.
  • Being overweight and obese increases the chances of this condition.
  • Excessive use of oral contraceptives too proves to be fatal.

What are the obvious symptoms of Breast Cancer?

  • A lump in the breast or the armpit.
  • A change in the size or shape of the breast.
  • Swelling in the armpit around the collar bone.
  • Liquid that comes from the nipple without squeezing.
  • Pain and soreness in the breast.

Carcirid from Bagdara Farms is loaded with Curcumin, can it be a natural healer?

While there are number of medical tests and doctors who confirm the existence of the dreaded disease, there are natural alternatives that prove highly beneficial in preventing and healing this condition. Carcirid from Bagdara Farms has been considerately curated, for positive natural prevention of breast cancer, thereby ensuring the best of health in the most organic way.

  • The regular intake of Carcirid can aid in the prevention of occurrences of breast cancer. Abundant in the phytochemical curcumin, Carcirid, the prized Bagdara Turmeric regulates several processes in the cells that keep the tissues healthy.
  • Carcirid with plethora of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties protect the cells from inflammation, as well as oxidation and keeps them away from turning into cancer cells.
  • The cornucopian amount of curcumin in Carcirid helps in regulating the excrescence and proliferation of the cancer cells of the breast, thus healing it naturally and nipping it at the bud.
  • Carcirid with its many natural properties and rich curcumin induces pro apoptotic genes in the breast cancer cells and cause their death. This enhances the chances of eliminating cancer and its symptoms.
  • Carcirid helps in controlling signaling pathways in cancer cells, which usually in this condition are deregulated. This just not only controls breast cancer cells but also naturally shields the neighboring tissues which could get affected.
  • Carcirid with the endless medicinal properties successfully inhibits the metastasis in advanced breast cancers and is instrumental in preventing the occurrence of tumors in other parts of the body. This gives more time for healing and eliminating the existing tumor.
  • This prodigious Bagdara turmeric also ensures your health by slowing down its spread to the other organs such as lungs, to avert any further complications and adversities.
  • Being a natural analgesic, it is a champion at healing pain, swelling, and redness of the breasts.
  • Carcirid is an amazing chemo-preventive agent and its action helps in preventing the recurrence of tumor after the therapy in breast tissues or other organs of the body.

Still wondering if curcumin can do so much, well you have to try it to believe the magic Mother Nature blesses us with. This is must have natural treatment you can gift yourself with.

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