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Our feet are probably the most burdened and the most neglected part of our body. When we move from one place to another when we want to sway to the beat of foot tapping music our feet help us do all of that, and we remember them when they scream for attention in the form of pain.

Gross neglect or misuse do not just cause foot pain, it can also be a warning sign of all not being well for us ( health issues), and even before we seek relief or treatment, we need to know the exact location of the pain.

The Location of Pain in your Feet can Help Identify the Problem too:

Heel Pain:

Pain in the heel could be a sign of Plantar fasciitis, which means an irritation or inflammation of the tissue that connects the bone and the toes. This kind of pain is the worst in the morning, and one feels it in the arch or the heel

For relief:

  • Rest
  • Foot and heel muscle stretches
  • Shoes that give excellent arch support and have a cushioned sole.

Heel Spurs:

This is caused by abnormal bone growth at the bottom of one’s heel, which is the result of wearing ill-fitting shoes, incorrect posture and sometimes activities like running. A lot of people have them but not all feel the pain and people with flat feet, or no arches are more prone to have spurs that hurt.

For relief:

  • Custom made insert( orthotic) inside the shoe is an ideal solution
  • Rest
  • Shoes that fit well and have shock-absorbent soles
  • Wearing a cutout heel pad
  • If the pain continues must consult your doctor

Stone Bruise:

As the name suggests this usually is an impact injury and happens when you step on a hard object (occurs on the heel or ball of the foot)

For relief:

  • Rest
  • Ice bath

Heel Fracture:

High impact injury can happen after a fall or accident. The bone might even crash and shatter followed by pain, swelling, bruising are signs that the bone has taken a beating( literally)

For relief:

  • No pressure on the heel, use support
  • The heel should be protected with a pad
  • Use a splint or cast
  • Physiotherapy
  • And if pain continues your doctor might suggest surgery

Ball of Foot Pain:

Metatarsalgia –pain and inflammation in the ball of your foot caused by ill-fitting shoes.

Can also be caused by exercise that is strenuous ( running, jumping) at times referred to as stone bruise also.

For relief:

  • Ice bath and rest
  • Wear comfortable footwear
  • Shoe inserts to relieve pressure work wonders

Morton’s Neuroma:

The tissue around the nerves on the base of the toes thicken, one feels pain, numbness on the ball of feet. Women are more susceptible as they wear high-heels.’

For relief:

  • Shoe inserts to relieve pressure
  • Do not wear closed toe or high-heeled shoes
  • Activities that put pressure on the neuroma must be avoided


It is an injury to the tendons surrounding the sesamoids ( 2 bones connected by tendons near the big toe) are inflamed or injured.

This is a form of tendinitis which is generally common in ballet dancers and runners.

For relief:

  • Rest your feet
  • Ice
  • Wearing a foot pad inside comfortable shoes is a good idea
  • Taping the big toe to prevent the joint from moving
  • Low-heeled shoes are a great idea

Fallen Arches:

Also called flat feet, this happens when the arches flatten out-this can be taken care of by wearing shoe inserts, rest, ice and use a cane or a brace for relief.

Toe pain:

This happens due to gout and may cause pain in the toes, and crystals collect in the toe joints.

For relief:

  • Rest the foot
  • Ice bath
  • Foods that cause gout should be avoided

Hallux Rigidus:

A kind of arthritis at the base of the big toe.

Did you know that the pain in your feet could be because of so many reasons (and these are just a few)

Well now that you have been enlightened then you need to give your feet some relief in the form of Calmya for Bagdara farms.

  • Calmya has a high curcumin content and is known for its most dynamic anti-inflammatory agent given by nature.
  • Curcumin helps bring down the urate levels and also heightens the excretion of uric acid which helps in controlling gout.
  • Curcumin regulates the protein activity which is related to the transportation of uric acid. Thus checking gout and in turn giving relief from pain in the foot caused by gout.
  • The high Curcumin content in Calmya has a potent anti-inflammatory action, which helps keep inflammation under control. Once the inflammation is controlled pains and aches are also checked.
  • This anti-inflammatory action is effective in bringing down the level of the enzymes that cause inflammation.
  • The anti-oxidant action kills free radicals that harm the healthy cells and cell tissues.

With all the pharmacological properties in Curcumin, your feet are in good hands at least when it comes from being free of pain with Calmya.

4 thoughts on “Are You Suffering From Pain In Your Feet? Try Calmya

  1. I am a teacher and I am up on my feet all day long. At the end of each day my feet are killing me and sometimes I even see slight swelling in them. Can regular consumption of Calmya help me avoid this?

    1. The curcumin used to make Calmya has potent anti-inflammatory properties that begin acting on swelling, pain, and muscle agitation right away. By depressing the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes that tend to begin acting up when certain muscles are overused and weary, curcumin helps reduce the physical distress caused during such a situation. Your feet hurt because the muscles in them are under too much pressure all day long. At the end of each day, if you take some warm milk with Calmya and a pinch of pepper, you will be able to get tremendous relief from the agony. You will also be able to sleep more soundly as the pain would be much more tolerable.

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