We might have grown advanced today in the fields of medicines and technology. But in some way we’re all looking (and rooting) back to our natural traditional ways of healing, curing and wellness. We instil more trust in the naturotherapy rather than depending upon multiple doses of western allopathic medicine. Tulsi (basil), Neem, black pepper etc. have always been a part of our home remedies and natural treatments. But what has stood the tallest of all is Turmeric.

We use turmeric on a daily basis without even realising how important the thing is for our health. Turmeric contains multiple health beneficial properties. And how does that happen? Psst! We tell you a secret. Turmeric contains an ingredient called Curcumin which imparts all the goodness to it!

Curcumin is one of the major components of turmeric. It is responsible for the colour, aroma and most importantly the medicinal and therapeutic goodness.

Following are the Five Ways in which Curcumin helps us:

Curcumin For Immunity- If you’re a homemaker, you might know how much the health of the young ones and the elderlies get affected with the changing seasons. It’s because these age groups gave low immunity. Curcumin, being an immunomodulator, boosts immunity naturally!

immunoturm for immunity

Curcumin For Heart- Your heart is your pump house. If the heart is healthy, then healthy is your body! Curcumin is a natural anticoagulant. It keeps your heart at a healthy “pace”.

Curcumin For Cancer- Something which was nothing more than a condiment I’m in the kitchen, potents to fight Cancer too!! Yes, curcumin can fight cancer and also boosts one’s immunity which gets badly hampered during cancer.

Curcumin For Brain- Curcumin works naturally and miraculously to sharpen brain! Not only makes a brain healthy but also is a treatment and cure for many diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Bipolar disorders and other neurological disorders.

women health with shemeric

Curcumin For The Women’s Health- She is unique. She is unique. And thus she needs the extra care. Curcumin gives a woman everything needed to cushion the hormonal changes that keep going in her body entire life. It makes things like Menopause easier for her. Apart from this curcumin also takes care of her externally too.  Curcumin can bring glow and radiance to one’s skin. It acts as anti ageing and antioxidant to keep her skin healthy and young.

Curcumin For Thyroid- Thyroid, a hormonal disorder of the thyroid gland, can also be treated with curcumin. The anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties etc. together treat thyroid of any types. Not just that. But at times Cancer of the thyroid may also develop as a byproduct of Goiter. Curcumin cuts off all such possibilities because of its anti-cancer properties.

Curcumin For Alcoholics And Smokers- Even a smoker knows the side effects of smoking and an alcoholic of the alcohol. Instead, they know them the best! Curcumin is found to be useful in subsiding the side effects of Alcohol and smoking. It keeps your health intact by keeping the side effects at bay.

Curcumin For Healing The Wounds- Curcumin is known to possess antiseptic properties. This natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral heals the wounds and cuts speedily. This makes curcumin a must have in your homes of you’ve growing kids or elderlies who have the slow recovering capacity.

Curcumin For Athletes- If you’re an athlete or a gym freak, you’ll know what muscle fatigue and spasm is. Curcumin treats muscle spasm and fatigue naturally. Its antispasmodic property makes it the most desirable amongst athletes.

Curcumin For A Slimmer You! Who doesn’t want a slimmer self! We all do! Curcumin has an innate property as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant etc. These together help in bringing out a slimmer version of you.

And that’s not all! There are more and a lot more. Curcumin’s health benefits can never be wrapped up! Curcumin is also hugely beneficial in diseases like Asthma, Sexual Wellness, Diabetes, Insomnia, Skin Ailments, Allergic Cold, seasonal flu, Oral hygiene etc. It’s not only beneficial for humans but equally good for your fur babies too like cats and dogs! It’s blessed with such a bundle of goodness. And so are we to have surrounded with so many curcumin-based products. More the options, difficult the choice! But it’s essential that the curcumin product is chosen wisely. Bagdara Farms Curcumin products are unparalleled for the quality offered. They are authentic, organic and natural. Bagdara Farms, Because you deserve the best!

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