Increase sperm count with mexamin-S4

The desire to have a baby arises in men and women alike at some point of time in their lives. Unfortunately, though, not everyone has an easy time in bringing their dream to fruition. It is quite sad to watch such couples grapple with the burden of infertility. An inability to have a child often results in an unsatisfied marital existence. It can cause a deep dent in the individual’s confidence, and it could also trigger psychological issues like depression and heightened stress, all of which are terrible for overall health.

Several things could cause azoospermia. Some of these are as follows:

  1. An obstruction that hampers the release of sperm by the male reproductive system. This could be a congenital disability. It could also be a result of an infection, an injury or a vasectomy.
  2. Inability to produce enough quantity of sperm due to a variety of reasons including stress, a malfunction of the reproductive system or a prior injury.

The diagnosis of Azoospermia is usually made by carrying out the following tests:

  1. A physical examination
  2. Blood tests that check for testosterone levels and FSH levels
  3. Semen analysis for two separate semen samples

Methods to treat Low Sperm Count

Several surgical and non-surgical medical interventions are recommended to reverse azoospermia. In addition to whichever treatment method your doctor has suggested, if you add some natural remedies to your regimen, it is possible to see quicker and more effective results. One such natural compound that has been worshipped for centuries in the Eastern world due to its numerous therapeutic qualities is curcumin.

How does Curcumin help in low Sperm Count?

The main component of turmeric, curcumin is a phytochemical that has the power to help patients manage a variety of illnesses. In case of Azoospermia too, curcumin can be very beneficial in conjunction with the standard medical approach. Here are some ways in which curcumin helps strengthen the male reproductive system, therefore, making it capable enough to fight ailments like azoospermia.

  1. The antioxidant properties of curcumin have been found to be very useful in repairing sperm abnormalities including low or nil sperm count. By scavenging excess free radicals in the body that cause increased oxidative stress, curcumin can ameliorate sperm toxicity and boost sperm production. Curcumin is effective against free radicals like nitrogen oxide radicals, superoxide radicals, and hydroxyl radicals.
  2. Curcumin has always been used as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce external as well as internal swelling, pain, and malaise. In case of azoospermia too, curcumin can reduce chronic inflammation in the testicular region caused by other conditions like testicular torsion which lead to problems in sperm count.
  3. Regular supplementation with curcumin can help in hiking the production of the testosterone hormone, reduce the blood pressure level so that the reproductive system functions better and enhance the production of sperm as well as its motility.
  4. Curcumin has extensive range anti-microbial properties, and so it is very beneficial in accelerating the healing process for microbial STDs. Sometimes an undetected and as a result, an aggravated STD could be the underlying cause of low sperm count. The anti-microbial properties of curcumin can help flush out the pathogens faster and lead to a quicker recovery not just from the STD but also from infertility.

Bagdara Farms in an agricultural venture set up in the lush green environs of the Bandhavgarh jungles in Madhya Pradesh. Their farmlands are gifted with lovely fertile soil that is just right for growing very high-quality curcumin that can be used to make supplements for people suffering from a multitude of diseases. From supplements that can give you smoother skin to those that can help you battle cancer better, Bagdara produces an extensive range of supplements that can be consumed by people of all age groups and health quotients.

Mexamin-S4 is one of these supplements thought of and created at Bagdara. This fantastic product is what all those men who are struggling with low sperm count have been waiting for, for so long. The curcumin in Mexamin-S4 is grown with utmost love and care using organic farming techniques that ensure that no unwanted chemical residues sneak into the end product. If you are one of the many who have been losing sleep at night due to fertility issues, grab a bottle of Mexamin-S4 and see how it slowly improves the functioning of your entire reproductive system and helps you create that happy family that you have always wanted.

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