Turmflu for preventing influenza

As we bid goodbye to the scorching heat and pave way for the chilly winters around the corridor, it’s also time to brace yourself with regards to your health. The change in weather brings with it several health conditions, one of the most common and irksome form being influenza, which is a highly contagious condition. You are likely to breathe it in; you could get the virus from touching the TV remote, computer keyboards etc. The virus gets in your body when you touch your nose, eyes or mouth with your hands. Influenza mainly affects the respiratory system and lasts about a week. If ignored or not treated promptly, influenza can also result in death. Although, a number of vaccinations and medications are available in the market, there certainly is a need for something more natural and soothing.

Turmeric, the Queen of Spices is being coined as the most powerful spice on the planet. This humble spice still continues to spread its healthy roots in our lives for many thousand years now. It has added vibrance to our curries with its golden hue and flavored it with its aromatic earthy fragrance. The golden spice brimming with the goodness of curcumin is rich in its anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and plethora of therapeutic properties, and turmeric continues to add a spark to our health. Turmeric surely has come a long way from being an integral part of our kitchens to being a star performer in the menus of hip cafés. Turmeric has been our first hand remedy to treat influenza and it still continues its magic.

At Bagdara Farms, we keep up with the health trends and the especially formulated Turmflu is the answer to all the health woes related to influenza. Turmflu has excellent anti-viral properties; the bio-active curcumin present in this amazing product interferes with the invasion process of viruses and thwarts them from infecting and further multiplying in the body. The super anti-inflammatory properties found in Turmflu, brimming with therapeutic goodness aids in bringing down the associated fever, cold and cough. Turmflu gives a mighty boost to your energy at the time the body becomes weak and vulnerable due to multiple attacks of influenza. You can safely rely on Turmflu to give a natural boost to your health. The super abundant pharmacological properties found in Turmflu, act as immune-stimulatory agents in case of infections, general weakness and give a mighty lift to your dull sprits. Don’t wait for the season to change and go under the sheets, get yourself this healthy concoction of Turmflu and enjoy the misty evenings around the bonfire.

Click here for more details : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28853207

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