prevent cirrhosis with Turmeric in your diet

There is suddenly a surge and demand for ‘Turmeric’ all around. Pick up any health magazine and it is rare, not to have a column dedicated to this magical spice. Having existed for many many centuries and being familiar with its therapeutic goodness since times immemorial, turmeric certainly has got a makeover. The world is more aware of the existence of this super herb and people are vying for their share of this golden goodness. Turmeric has certainly carved a niche for itself, from being known as a curry spice to being used by super chefs around the world, for adding a splash of colour to their exotic dishes.

This queen of spices has been an integral part of oriental and ayurvedic medicines for centuries. It was an indispensable part of the beauty regimes of the queens and a critical ingredient to heal the wounds of the king after a fierce battle. Touted as the most versatile spice, turmeric does it all. Turmeric certainly is whipping up a culinary storm of its own with health experts and chefs around the globe blending versatile concoctions for meeting the amplified demand of this super herb.


A drink doing wonders, Golden Milk or Turmeric Latte is being a major source of addiction with fitness and health care experts all around the globe. With an increasing demand worldwide for this lip-smacking, easy to make preparation, whipped up by using cold-pressed turmeric juice in coconut milk with a dash of cinnamon powder and a pinch of pepper thrown in, is a refreshing alternative to caffeinated drinks and are oh so sumptuous.

Turmeric remained the most looked up spice worldwide in 2016 and it seems like a whole corpus from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kareena Kapoor Khan are vying for their heavenly glass of therapeutic turmeric latte. The conquering attributes about this humble spice are its healing powers as an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous agent, gut healer, anti-oxidant, as a potent liver supporter, antidepressant and as an age-old remedy for cold and flu, cuts and bruises.


Turmeric originates from the root of Curcuma longa plant, a perennial rhizomatous plant and is part of the ginger family. Rich in vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and many more nutrients, turmeric is certainly a healthy spiCurcuma, curry, yellow-orange spice in a bowl.ce in our lives. Many studies have revealed that turmeric may be 5-8 times stronger than Vitamin E and C. This aromatic, golden-hued spice with warm flavours may accentuate flavours of many international cuisines, be it a part of a dressing and savoury dishes in Persia and Morocco or be it the earthy flavours it lends to traditional Vietnamese dish.

While the fresh turmeric root is popular, turmeric powder is a convenient option because of its availability and ease of use. Fresh turmeric does not blend too well with curries, while you can make a curry separately with the fresh root; it leaves an unpleasant taste on the tongue when added to curries. Owing to a number of Indians settled abroad, today, turmeric as a spice suits the western palate too. The kormas have got a unique flavour and that delectable colour from the turmeric; the lentils look a lot more appealing with a swash of turmeric. This modest spice amalgamates with almost all the dishes and cuisines with pre-eminence and makes it seem like a match made in heaven.

Known to be an integral part of the curry powder, it adds an interesting colour and flavour when added to orange and banana smoothie, many coffee houses are carrying out a health drive by providing turmeric in tea bags to be had with hot milk, a refreshing alternative to the caffeinated version of tea and coffee.

My rather dear friend is going through a phase of turmeric crush, which he says is impossible to stop and I say carry on it’s a healthy one. Being a food lover he is on an experimenting spree, and he contrived a lip smacking salad dressing, well rounded and elegant. All he mixed were 4 simple ingredients, olive oil, turmeric powder, ground ginger and a dash of vinegar and voila, we had the golden deliciousness before us, its smooth taste not only accentuates the flavor of the salad but gives us the satisfaction of consuming health and wholesomeness in one platter. There are many who are big fans of its aroma and colour and more who appreciate its medicinal properties.


The curcumin-rich turmeric is a great asset for our health. Brimming with the goodness as an anti-inflammatory product, it isn’t just a remedy for bruise cuts cold and flu, but vital in combating deadly diabetes and aiding in good health of the liver by flushing out the toxins, thus minimizing the danger of cirrhosis. The multi-faceted spice is cardinal in combating the fast-spreading Alzheimer’s, slowing down its spread. It prevents some forms of cancer and reverses heart diseases, to restore the heart to a state of healthy functioning. It becomes prodigiously effective when consumed with pepper or coconut oil or other fats. It soothes frayed nerves, reduces symptoms associated with heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome. It wages a fierce battle against painful arthritis, alleviates menstrual pain, promotes recovery from distressing bronchitis and strengthens gums. It is Mother Nature’s best wonder at naturally healing the condition of stress and improving the quality of life.

Turmeric has an expansive cooling effect, directly reducing skin inflammation. The central curcumin component is a very powerful immunity booster that ensures best of health to mankind and its future. Against the alarming backdrop of an insalubrious way of living and fast spreading chronic diseases, it becomes imperative to make the queen of spices, the regenerative turmeric a part of your lives and drive away maladies forever.

So, Eat Turmeric, Drink Turmeric and here’s raising a toast to this magnificent spice of life, the Natural, Pure and the Powerful Turmeric.

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