Yumcumin help in cold and flu naturally

While healthy choices let our children grow and become healthy, unhealthy habits deteriorate their health, impair their concentration, pose serious threat to their physical and emotional health and make them prone to diseases, affecting their growth adversely. For our children’s good health, we as parents have to ensure that we too are following a healthy life style from where they imbibe good habits and enhance their good health.

Due to the under developed immune system and not so healthy eating habits, stressful schedules, cold and flu keeps them under sheets and makes them very susceptible to sicknesses.

How does cold and flu affect our kids?

  • Child becomes lethargic
  • There is watery discharge or mucus in the nose
  • Fever
  • Children often suffer from sore throat
  • Profuse coughing

Cold and flu brings down the child’s immunity, adversely affect their bronchial tubes and ears, accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting. Untreated cold and flu in children can progress to pneumonia, bronchitis, ear and sinus infections.

Can curcumin in turmeric help to kid’s health?

  • The age old spice has been the first aid treatment for cold and flu in children.
  • Truly one of the most remarkable substances in nature contains powerful anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which heals and soothes the children, off the flu.
  • It is especially efficient at treating the inflammation, like swollen sinuses and sore throat, naturally.

Have you heard of Yumcumin?

We at Bagdara are aware of the deteriorating health standards, eating habits and lifestyle in children, as junk food is now becoming a staple. We have carefully curated Yumcumin, just so that we make an endeavor to ensure our children are getting the best of nature in some form.

How does Yumcumin help in cold and flu?

  • Yumcumin packed with abundant curcumin is a super hero in anti-inflammatory properties, combats the inflammation that affects our respiratory system during flu and cold.
  • Yumcumin has high amount of anti-viral properties to keep or little ones safe, its virucidal properties corner many virus, which have ill effect on our children’s health and affect their quality of life. The bioactive curcumin in Yumcumin specifically inhibits the activity of such viruses and alleviates its affect on children.
  • The findings say that curcumin present in Yumcumin, acts at early stages of infection and thwarts the activity of protein called nuclear factor kappa B which control inflammation and bringing down its activity lowers replication of the virus.
  • Germ crone, found in Yumcumin acts against the cold and flu virus and prevents it from entering the lungs, thus alleviates chances of respiratory tract infection in children. The essential oils in this magical product Yumcumin, exhibit strong pharmacological properties which is essential for the good health of our children.
  • A glass of milk with the goodness of Yumcumin is the easiest, simple and the most natural way to fight cold and flu. The powerful curcumin blocks nuclear kappa B activity and prevents the production of pro inflammatory chemicals like tumor necrosis factor and interleukins. Thus, further prevents the occurrence of fever and is extremely therapeutic.
  • Yumcumin once you have used it for your kids can prove to be a single most strong remedy for almost all disorders that might irk your little one’s health. The anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties of this prodigious formulation proves to be the best gift from mother nature to the children, to whom we promise a healthy tomorrow.
  • Yumcumin above all gives massive boost to our children’s immune system, eventually everything boils down to their immunity and Yumcumin does the most important job of enhancing the immunity to an extent that they don’t come in the wicked clasps of flu and cold. The rich dose of curcumin can help control the immune responses, reduces the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals and other harmful proteins.

So, keep your promise of a safe and healthy future, by ensuring that your kids get the best produce of nature in the form of Yumcumin. Sealed, packed and produced to give your child happy days, sunny smiles and loads of great health.

Click here for more details : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25395833

1 thought on “Quick and easy method to treat children from flu and cold

  1. My daughter was a premature baby born on the 8th month of my pregnancy. The doctor has told us that she needs to be taken good care of as she is underweight and immune system is poorly developed as compared to the full term babies. For three years, we kept trying hard to keep her protected from cough and cold but the seasonal changes used to overpower. She was also down with pneumonia once after a bout of aggravated cold. Then I started giving her yumcumin and gradually her episodes of cold and cough started to decrease. I always give her a glass of warm milk, with yumcumin and yes as directed, a pinch of black pepper every night without fail!

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