The age-old miraculous spice, the super herb, besides hogging all the limelight for spiking up curries and lending a beautiful golden hue to our food, is now being hailed as a powerful herb in combating and potentially reversing diseases. In India turmeric has been a go to-fix for a number of illnesses. Handle stress effectively with Curcumin, read below how.

Turmeric has been long embedded in the ancient Ayurvedic practice and has been cited to promote holistic health of the body. The scientists around the globe have put Curcumin in the center stage as a natural and an effective cure to a number of Health problems. Turmeric thus has left the world spellbound by revealing its many medicinal properties that continue captivate the attention around the world.

Stress is a constant companion of a fast-paced life which has only increased with the growing challenges one has to face at home and professional front. Stress not just a condition where you feel abominable but it stimulates horde of other health issues one can think of. Studies have found out that stress can increase the risk of obesity, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and depression.

Is there an answer to this grave problem which is natural, therapeutic and cost-effective and has the goodness to promote the mental and physical health? The answer is the golden magic spice, Turmeric. Revered as the ancient remedy it calms down the body, which is the key to your hormonal balance and happiness.

Handle Stress Effectively with Stressidra

The Bagdara Farm offers you its top notch and an outstanding product help you keep all your stress and worries at bay. Stressidra with its inherit soothing and, apart from being a natural coolant, is a very effective stress buster. The essential oil in stressidra, the produce of Bagdara, helps regulate the blood flow in our body, thus enabling the body to enjoy benefits of a regular blood pressure. Stressidra keeps low Blood pressure woes at bay, a root cause of many life-threatening diseases. Low blood pressure can push one into a deep state of deep coma. STRESSIDRA lends vitality to the nervous system by maintaining the all essential mineral balance, helping the nerves to stay calm and this calm states translates into a no stress state.

The specially contrived “queen of spices” at the Bagdara farms with 8.40% curcumin is a natural anti-depressant. Stressidra turmeric helps the body regain balance by lowering the level of stress producing hormones called cortisols. Stressidra turmeric is a rising star in the herbal world for soothing frayed nerves and offers you a plethora of health benefits. Against the alarming backdrop of erratic lifestyle’s and increasing health issues, it becomes imperative to include Stressidra as an indispensible factor in your life and that of your family. So handle stress and lift up your spirits with STRESSIDRA.

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