The humble and the most celebrated power packed spice for centuries; turmeric has played a distinct character in the famous Indian cuisine. Turmeric has not only lent its beautiful golden hue, a subtle earthy flavour, but also a large number of therapeutic properties with all the goodness of nature in the most natural way. Having served the human race timelessly, this magic spice has been a cure to multiple common health problems like cold, indigestion, throat infections and skin sores. However, the word of its goodness has spread globally like wildfire, Scientists around the world are vying for this superfood, to combat deadly diseases like cancer. Turmeric with its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties is being coined as the most potent spices of all.

Turmeric is soaring up and breaking records in the popularity charts, with its wide-ranging goodness and wholesomeness. This super spice which underlined the deliciousness quotient of the Indian cuisine is now lending its distinct flavour and alluring colour to the western culinary world. Around the world the super chefs are whipping and swirling up dishes with a dash or a sprinkle of the Indian saffron, to add unrefined organic goodness to the delectable platter. Turmeric has for ages been an indispensable part of the skin care regime. With its phenomenal anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties, it is an unrivalled organic skincare routine. This wonder spice has been rendering medicinal value since time immemorial, leaving the world to astound with its healing nutrients.

Bursting with the goodness of curcumin, HULTHY, the specially crafted magic herb at the Bagdara Farm is your one-stop for health and happiness. It’s multifaceted role wide ranging from the traditional start off of auspicious ceremonies, to beautifying your skin care regime, to taking care of your robustness, the versatility of HULTHY is endless. Hulthy gets rid of all the harmful free radicals from our body thus leaving us in the pink of health glowing and radiant. At Bagdara, we ensure that the phenolic compound or premier product HULTHY are kept intact through careful processing. These phenolic compounds in HULTHY act as a natural stimulant for intestines to recreate more immunity-boosting cells into the bloodstream. Nurtured most organically, HULTHY takes the best from the soil at Bagdara Farms. The organic super food packed with super nutrients vitalises every aspect of your life from dinner table to the dressing table.

So shout out a big YES to the magical HULTHY turmeric and surrender yourselves to the creamy goodness of nature, a gift from Bagdara Farms brought to your doorstep. Pick up the bottle of golden power spice and say goodbye to all the potential health hurdles. Choose Hulthy and stay Healthy.

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