We all have that one person in our lives, with perfectly lustrous, nonfrizzy, worthy salon hair, which has the perfect bounce to give all the superstars a run for their money, how we envy that the lovely crowning would adorn your head. Our hair is also a mirror of our overall health, and whether the body is receiving enough vitamins and nutrients to keep us in good shape. Hair is undoubted, a reflection of our personality and adds to our confidence and moral. Our busy lives make our hair the least cared for part of our body, and we tend to notice when we see those extra strands all around the house. We then run from one salon to the other to get rather complicated treatment for our already in distress hair.

Instead, have we ever thought about hair care in the utmost natural way, which does not involve anything elaborate, just a simple, age-old herb that provides your mane with the much-needed break from the cosmetics and chemicals.

Turmeric, the queen of spices, is known to keep some scalp ailments at bay that results in hair loss. This wonder herb popularly known as the curry spice has been a part of skin and hair regime since the Ayurvedic times and with its many therapeutic versatile qualities known to the world, its magic has spread the wings of its care globally. This magic herb is ranked highly among the most sought after herbs in the planet, weaves magic to give your crowning glory that extra touch of radiance, adds luster to the dull and falling hair and encourages the growth of new hair follicles.

Bagdara Farms understands the value your locks add to your personality and has curated this special magic potion to give you a healthy scalp and long hair. Trichoturm comes to the rescue of your hair and is your one-stop solution for the mane of your dream.

Making Trichoturm a part of your meals or just adding a dash of it to your milk or just by adding it to warm water every day can give you benefits, which the most expensive hair treatments would not. The right amount of bio-active curcumin along with its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties detoxifies your body and gets rid of the inflammation that causes damage to the scalp that is a stumbling block for hair growth. So, you see how having Trichoturm every day will help lower the inflammation and increase hair thickness and growth. So while preparing your scrumptious meals to ensure that you sprinkle this heaven-sent mix for your hair in your food and live your dream to have those most envious locks that you desired for.


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