Shemeric to make women stay fit

The female body is a complex mechanism and can come under great distress in situations that cause stress or anxiety. Those five days of the month are particularly bothersome with some problems occurring together. The hormonal fluctuations, stress, mood swings, poor eating habits, irritability and bloating are mainly because of a significant amount of strain during that phase. Although this phase is a part of women’s health, it needs attention and if left untreated or ignored merely may convert into serious complications. The goal should be that the excruciation should be minimal and this phase which is a monthly affair for a woman should not be a painful experience where her health shouldn’t suffer to an extent.

A women’s health is central to the smooth running of the lives intertwined with hers. Hence extra care should be given to her well being, and her good health should be ensured. Although a lot of non steroidal medications are available over the counter but a natural remedy would be a long term solution to make this period that can cause severe disruption to the daily routine in a women’s life.

Our love for this age-old herb, Turmeric has only grown with time; this revered spice has been spreading the wings of health globally. The main ingredient of our delicious pot of curries is also the forerunner in safeguarding us from some ailments. Coined as arguably the most powerful spice, this golden herb is an excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-oxidant.  Curcumin, the bioactive compound found in turmeric, has demonstrated enough potential that combat PMS.

Shemeric is this wonder herb-packed and sealed in a bottle and straight from the lap of nature, a premier product of Bagdara Farm, known to keep painful symptoms of PMS at bay. Shemeric helps build up the internal strength and prevents the cramps accompanying the painful five days away. A healthy blood purifier, taking a cup of milk infused with the healthy Shemeric helps flush out the toxins and braces you with the much-needed strength during the painful and taxing five days. The healing goodness of Shemeric boost was the internal strength of the women’s body and packed with the micronutrients calcium and magnesium in abundance it is Mother Nature’s best gift for a women’s health.

The specially crafted and doubly fortified Shemeric’s natural pain-killing activity can help in the malaise muscle ache, and general body ache associated with PMS. As a super anti-inflammatory, Shemeric does not cause gastric erosion or any other side effect. The rich in Curcumin, Shemeric can attenuate mood swings, depression and anxiety related symptoms that could become worrisome. Before these worries come knocking your door, revel in the glory of healthy self and reach out for your bottle of health-boosting Shemeric.

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