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Turmeric, the golden hued, strongly flavored spice is basking in all the glory of its goodness. From turmeric lattes to turmeric face packs, the health conscious world over are vying for their share of this magical spice. Since time immemorial, the usage of turmeric has been intertwined with the idea of holistic health and radiant beauty. Read the article to know the real secret of Glowing Skin.

Its soul purifying properties make it an ideal choice to be offered to the gods to mark prosperous beginnings. The consumption of turmeric boosts the immune system and turns healthy body into a temple of the Holy Spirit, endowed with an active mind.

How Turmeric is useful?

Turmeric, acknowledged as a famed spice for thousands of years, continues to be the central component of the various beauty and health regimes in India. With its natural healing properties, it is attracting attention world over, rapidly moving up the popularity charts. Turmeric is a powerful anti oxidant, immunity booster, stress buster all rolled into one which also effectively regulates blood sugar metabolism to keep the dreaded Diabetes at bay, soothes joint pain arising out of Osteoporosis, and contributes to a healthy life in innumerable ways.

Glowysy Promising Glowing Skin

Bagdara Farms, located in the lap of nature and neighbor of Chandrakanta fame Naugarh, offers you its specially curated turmeric with just the right levels to help you acquire a Healthy and Radiant skin at extremely affordable prices. Move over your expensive synthetic beauty regimes to adopt the sustainable Bagdara way of life. All you need to do to reach out as the first step towards acquiring a supple, shining skin is the Bagdara Turmeric specially crafted for this purpose. Glowysy, with its high certified curcumin content of 8%, is fortified with anti oxidants and flushes out the free radicals in our body system which is responsible for aging process.

The application of a simple basic paste of glowysy turmeric and curd in hot summers leaves your skin feeling so hydrated, while keeping the age lines and wrinkles away. As you gently apply GLOWYSY turmeric and curd paste, you actually feel your facial skin de-stress and enter a mode of deep relaxation. That illustrates the key feature of Bagdara Glowysy turmeric, from the stables of Bagdara Farms, with its unmatchable cooling and soothing effects.

While beauty is not only skin deep, GLOWYSY the produce of Bagdara Farms sets out to do just that. Just like your inner beauty, it acts to nurture your body from deep within (unlike the superficial, short lived effects of expensive cosmetics) to help you enjoy a healthy quality filled life with a rejuvenated skin only adding to yourself self-confidence. So enjoy nature in the form of our unrivalled organic turmeric products and celebrate the Bagdara way of life.

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  1. Very well articulted write up.. truly agree with the facts . The benefits of turmeric can’t be more well brought out the way it has been described..Surely will help lots of people ..This leads to a true natural & Pure therapy for the skin.. This very accurately brings about the benefits one can cash on..

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