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Turmeric celebrated for centuries in Ayurveda, is being hailed as the fiery spice all over the world with dynamic qualities to douse diseases in the most natural way. Since time immemorial this golden goodness has been reckoned as the most unprocessed and virgin form of painkiller. Muscle Pain in the body is the most distressing condition, it not only causes degeneration of bones but leaves you disabled.

So to the world, today turmeric is much more than just that yellow color in the Indian curries, it is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-cancerous properties, which prevent the body against damage from related molecules. The versatility of this age-old magical spice ranges from grand ma’s pinch in the earthy pot of simmering curries, to being bottled and packed to reach out to millions of people.

How Calmya helps in Muscle Pain?

CALMYA turmeric from Bagdara Farms is a star performer in the herbal world for soothing and healing the pain, in turn helping us cope better with stress. Packed with the potent goodness of abundant curcumin, Calmya turmeric helps the body regain balance by lowering the level of stress-producing hormones called Cortisol.

The curcumin in Calmya turmeric enables the body to efficiently use the available oxygen in the blood with body cells, generating greater energy. The consumption of calmya thus lifts you from a lethargic state to feel calm and energized.

The constant motions that the body undergoes every day results in a condition where the muscles turn sore. Also in people suffering from auto-immune diseases like arthritis, swelling in the knee joints is very pronounced and painful.

Calmya targets this condition of inflammation and soothes frayed nerves. Calmya Turmeric from Bagdara is specially formulated to successfully heal muscle spasms, anxiety disorder, insomnia, depression and body pain.

Calmya is the Mother Nature’s gift to you from Bagdara Farms to help you effortlessly cope up with stress. Through Calmya, Bagdara Farms brings you to Mother Nature’s best wonder for naturally healing the condition of pain and improving your quality of life. So before the pain comes knocking on your door, reach out for your bottle of the regenerative Calmya to permanently drive the pain away.

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1 thought on “Calmya: Say Goodbye To Muscle Pain

  1. Sir,
    I book order for Calmya with the understanding that it is creat to apply on painful joint. But today I received a bottle which contains powder .i am not interested this product in powder what should do with it now?

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