Today our daily lives anywhere are marked by the rising level of everyday pollution. The dust and grime along with the killer pollens are weakening our lungs drastically. Our unhealthy habit like smoking is proving detrimental the smooth and healthy functioning of the lungs, steadily decreasing it every day. The above factors are increasingly responsible for causing the painful condition of bronchitis.

Bronchitis is a respiratory illness which occurs when the air passages of the lungs get inflamed. This viral infection starts with a cold and gradually spreads to sinuses and airways. While it usually lasts a few days, chronic bronchitis is persistent with symptoms like difficulty in breathing, sore throat, mucus build up, tightness of the chest and fatigue. There are a large number of medications, to tone down this health sickness; however, all these medications have some side effects if used for a  longer time.

Turmeric, the natural healer is being heralded world over for its therapeutic goodness. The roots of Indian saffron go back to ancient times, and  it continues to strengthen their grip on our lives today. The much-revered spice with innumerable therapeutic goodness has been the most natural herb in alleviating our holistic health since time immemorial. A pinch of this golden dust packed with generous amount of curcumin adds to our robustness and leaves us reveling in the glory of a healthy self. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric prove to be a boon for treating the condition of bronchitis. This revered spice has been used to treat respiratory problems since the ancient times, so much so that it was referred to as “kaphahara,” Kapaa means phlegmatic condition and the cure for it was referred as “KAPHAHARA.”

Asthumin, the great turmeric from Bagdara Farms with its high level of curcumin, at 10.10%, is the potent natural remedy to effectively cure the root causes of bronchitis. This magical product Asthumin, as alternative carminative effects and is also loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The inflammation caused in lungs, in this peculiar condition of bronchitis, the curcumin-rich Asthumin provides relief and soothes the lunges in misery.

Asthumin is known for treating cough of several etiologies and its antibacterial properties, weave magic on the air passage and relaxes our respiratory system. To improve the quality of your everyday life, to enable yourself to take deep satisfying breaths of fresh air, to keep continuous coughing away, it is a must to have Asthumin turmeric, the great natural healer from Bagdara farms within your reach.

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2 thoughts on “Combat Bronchitis With Asthumin

  1. I am 60 years male with constant problems of bronchitis in change of weather/ climate.
    It develops into thick mucous,which becomes difficult to expectorate.
    Pls advise safe treatment

    1. Hi Mr Chander Prakash. Thank you for your query. We will recommend for you Asthumin. Asthumin works positively for any kind of respiratory problems. It is made of 100% rich curcumin & has amazing medicinal & pharmacological properties to reduce inflammation or infection & oxidative damage naturally, without causing any side-effects. It is in powder form and has to be boiled with water and taken twice a day. A minimum course of 2 months is mandatory as that much time it will take for a natural supplement to shows its effectiveness on the system. Along with this, we would recommend to do steaming 2-3 times a day and some form of exercise to keep the body active. You can view all details from the following link and you can also call us on +91 9560254646 or share your number with us and our team will assist you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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