Treat Lichen Planus naturally with Dermaturm

Our skin is the largest organ by size and its good health is crucial for our healthy existence. The only skin we may have bothered about the most is our facial skin, which is foremost for our good appearance. Skin performs plethora of essential task for our body, it protects our internal organs and regulates the temperature of our body.

A healthy skin produces Vitamin D when exposed to sun; it protects our body from several viruses and bacteria. However, the complex system that our body is, it triggers several conditions that adversely affect our skin. Lichen planus is a condition that is triggered by the immune system and it appears on the skin like a skin rash. The condition besides being not so pleasant in appearance is a condition that causes discomfort. Lichen planus isn’t a serious condition but if left untreated this could become serious and painful. Other risk factors which can cause lichen planus include drugs, medication, diseases like hepatitis c and chemicals such as gold etc.

Turmeric, the popular ancient magical herb has spread its magic for over centuries and still continues to add its therapeutic goodness in our lives. This golden root is known for its vast medicinal properties and can treat disorders however big or small naturally. It has taken over the globe as the queen of anti-inflammatory properties and owing to its potent anti-oxidants present; it is a God sent natural treatment for innumerable maladies. Turmeric is considered a boon for skin and its related disorders and is known for toning down skin ailments including lichen planus.

Dermaturm from Bagdara Farms is formulated to keep the love affair of skin and turmeric alive. Especially in today’s time, it is but imperative to give natural care to our skin because of chemically formulated skin products in the market. DermaTurm is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties; inflammation is one of the causes of this distressful condition.

Dermaturm through its effective anti-inflammatory action helps in busting several inflammatory pathways, which lead to the progression of lichen planus. It works wonderfully on the oral variant of lichen planus, controlling the immune system and thwarting the pro-inflammatory molecules in the affected area.

Dermaturm is brimming with the powerful anti-oxidant properties; it combats the oxidative stress, which alleviates the graveness of the disease. DermaTurm inhibits the risk of oral cancer, which is a high possibility incase of oral lichen planus and it forestalls the oxidative damage to the DNA. DermaTurm also provides relief from itching and consequent bruising which accompanies this irksome condition. DermaTurm basically improves the condition of the skin and the quality of our lives. If you have a skin ailment, don’t wait for it to get worse, make DermaTurm an integral part of your life and revel in the glory of supple and healthy skin.

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