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Looking to make some fresh changes in your lifestyle??

Start with the fresh golden root of turmeric. Medicinal turmeric is being hailed as a superhero for its ostensible health benefits. This humble herb has always been around spreading its golden magic and lately, “golden milk”— golden latte has become a part of the most sought-after menus. So if you ask what’s trending? This gingerly looking magical root is trending in everyone’s Instagram feed and surely is taking the world by storm with all its pharmacological properties.

Why This Root Is a Good Medicine

The fresh turmeric looks like it’s been exhumed from the soil of another planet; its curative powers and flavour-packed uses are surely out of this world. This time is the best time to get accustomed to the effervescent and versatile root, bask in the glory of its interminable health benefits, and there is much- much more to this medicinal spice than just colour and flavour.


Proven Health Benefits of Curcumin

The main active ingredient in medicinal turmeric is curcumin, which adds to its pharmacological properties and research has shown how this wonder of nature has smothered certain types of cancer in countries where people essentially use this spice regularly.

The best part about Buying Bagdara Farms fresh turmeric root is that it is in its purest form hence its goodness is all intact.

  • This root surely has stood the test of the time, being around for more than 5000 years and still being craved for by the world just doesn’t happen by chance people. Raw medicinal turmeric stimulates bile secretion in our body, the result of which is better (1) digestion,(2) better metabolism, and (3) better health.
  • Effect of turmeric on bacterial growth

    It’s super anti-septic and anti-viral properties (1) boost immunity and (2) prevent cold and flu during winters and (3) seasonal allergies. Kacchi Haldi or raw turmeric could be a perfect way to cure any kind of cuts or injuries.

  • Turmeric therapeutic uses

    Curcumin, the therapeutic component of medicinal turmeric is packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties, which increases healing.

  • Does turmeric really help arthritis?

    Given its antiinflammatory properties, it is a boon for people suffering from arthritis and joint pain, so let the kacchi haldi or raw turmeric soothe and alleviate the pain naturally.

  • Turmeric and eye health

    Raw medicinal turmeric bursting with anti-inflammatory properties can also be used to treat inflammation caused due to eye infections.

  • Turmeric for stomach ulcer

    The star of the show curcumin diminishes most of your tummy miseries to rest. Raw medicinal turmeric is known to strip off indigestion and heartburn and provide a much-needed respite from distressing situations like irritable bowel syndrome. Experts do suggest that intake of raw turmeric also helps greatly in treating stomach ulcers and irritation.

What Dr. Sharda says,The presence of super anti-oxidants in raw Medicinal turmeric can help curb the free radical activity by scavenging them out of the system and this directly enhances our skin health.

What” Dr. Mehta agrees and mentions, “Using raw Haldi is one of the most traditional ways to cure diverse skin ailments and it’s not a new trend it’s something which has been trending for many -many thousands of years.  Medicinal raw turmeric is also known to cure skin problems caused due to air pollution and multiple irritants present in the air.”

  • Fresh Turmeric is known to be an excellent blood purifier

    Raw turmeric or kacchi haldi helps greatly in flushing out the toxins from our bodies. “Several studies and researches have acknowledged raw turmeric’s role in purifying blood. It also regulates blood clot formation, says Dr. Rupali. All the more reason, to make it an essential part of your routine.

  • Diabetes and Turmeric

    Medicinal Raw turmeric has been known to normalize blood sugar levels too. Diabetics can load up on the wonder spice to monitor insulin levels.

Raw Turmeric is a healing powerhouse boasting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant galore! Well!  the market is flooded with these fresh roots.

Where to buy fresh turmeric

The fresh turmeric root from Bagdara farms is loaded with curcumin and the bright yellow colour is proof of it. The subtle-tasting earthy herb is the most authentic raw turmeric you can get your hands on today.

Turmeric Tea Recipe (Golden Milk)

The coolest way to get going is by beating up a mug of turmeric tea, also known as “golden milk.” It is milk bubbled with juiced or shredded fresh turmeric and a little coconut oil. Spike it with sugar, cinnamon, honey, ginger, peppercorns, or other ingredients to intensify the flavour. Try the new drink now.

Now you can buy Non-GMO wild strand Fresh Turmeric Roots grown organically in our farms in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. Order now and get the fastest delivery of this fresh medicinal herb at your doorstep.

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