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Gastric ulcers are one of the very painful stomach conditions. Also known as stomach ulcers, gastric ulcers are painful open sores that develop on the stomach lining. It is a type of peptic ulcer (an ulcer that affects both the stomach and the intestine). Our stomach produces acids to digest the food and kill the harmful germs that may have entered along with the food.

These ulcers develop over a period of time when the (1). thick mucus lining protecting the stomach is (2).  reduced and the digestive juices/acids (3). eat away the tissues causing a sore.

There are two Bacteria that cause gastric ulcer

(1). Helicobacter pylorus is a bacterium that can also cause gastric ulcers.

(2). Zollinger-Ellison syndrome can also rarely cause less than one percent of stomach ulcers by increasing the production of acid.

If not treated, this infection stays on causing stomach ulcers.

The Common Symptoms of a Gastric Ulcer are as Follows:

  1. Weight loss
  2.  Burning sensation or pain in the middle of the abdomen especially when empty-stomach.
  3. Retching or heaving wherein it sounds and looks as though one is about to vomit but not actually vomiting.
  4. Bloating, nausea, vomiting blood, and feeling of being very full after a meal
  5. Anaemia
  6. Dark stools (melaena)
  7. Burping or acid reflux/ heartburn

The severity of symptoms is directly proportional to the severity of ulcers.

There can be Serious Complications of Gastric Ulcer if Ignored:

Stomach blockage-

  • An ulcer at the end of the stomach can cause narrowing of the stomach outlet to which, in turn, causes an obstruction. This can lead to severe vomiting.

Bleeding in the ulcers-

  • can range from little to a lot. Sudden bleeding can cause the patient to vomit blood and faint. Less sudden bleeding can cause vomiting that looks coffee-colored.


  • Ulcers can easily perforate very easily through the walls of the stomach. The symptoms can be very painful and have to be treated as a medical emergency.

Curcumin supplement benefits  in  Gastric Ulcers

The anti-inflammatory action of curcumin can help to improve the conditions of gastric ulcers by bringing down the levels of inflammation.  H.pylorii can be dealt with due to the antibacterial property of both curcumins.

It can also help to regulate certain enzymes involved in accelerated healing and reversing cell damage of ulcer wounds. Buy curcumin Supplement for Gastric Ulcers. We are all worried about the quality of things. Worried about the quality of curcumin as you read this article? Try the products from Bagdara Farms where the curcumin is produced without the use of any chemicals.

Tummyric is an excellent product from Bagdara Farms that helps to get rid of Stomach Ulcers.

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