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Old age is an inevitable eventuality for each one of us. Just like any piece of machinery, our bodies too have a finite lifespan. All the wear and tear, mishandling, indiscretions and lack of maintenance lead to subtraction of precious time from this lifespan. On the other hand, just like a well-oiled machine which is used with care and maintained with utmost diligence, a well-managed body can end up amassing additional time in its lifespan. More importantly, irrespective of the length of life, the quality of life led becomes much more superior if the body and mind both are meticulously taken care of. Unfortunately during the course of their lives, human beings grapple with long and stressful work hours and demanding social obligations. Add to this the inertia that human bodies invariably slip into when not subjected to any form of physical exercise over the years and you have painful and disease riddled senior years staring at you.

The most common diseases that affect senior people are

  • Diabetes – A big chunk of seniors over the age of 65 are living with diabetes without even knowing it.
  • Cancer – Cancer is one of the biggest causes of death for people over the age of 65.
  • Substance abuse – Alcohol and substance abuse is common amongst seniors especially because these substances tend to react unfavorably with medications that these people may already be on.
  • Respiratory problems – Asthma, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia are respiratory diseases that are known to afflict seniors.
  • Obesity – Since seniors are generally not as mobile and dexterous as youngsters, they tend to get overweight. This is a major cause for other diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure, liver problems etc.

Amongst all the supplements available in the market, curcumin supplements have been found most suitable for older people. Apart from being natural, curcumin has shown to be beneficial in a variety of conditions that trouble people in their later years. Not only in India but all over the world curcumin has been recognized as a leading natural substance that has shown healing properties for a wide range of health problems in old person. This simply makes one sit up and pay attention to the super powers of this deep yellow spice.

In India, Bagdara Farms has been producing very high quality turmeric from which curcumin is extracted to make supplements that can be most effective in treating conditions ailing older people. The lush green Bandhavgarh jungles in Madhya Pradesh are home to Bagdara Farms. Using natural and organic methods, pure turmeric is produced here. The curcumin extracted from this turmeric is not laced with coloring agents or chemical additives. Chemical insecticides and pesticides are avoided too to keep away any resulting harmful residue that may creep into the end product.

The following curcumin supplements can be procured online from Bagdara Farms:

1)  Sugeric– Specially prepared for people suffering from pre-diabetes, Type1 diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes – high blood sugar related diseases that are commonly found amongst seniors. It is known to bring relief in case of diabetes induced inflammation due to the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin.
Diabetes related weight gain can also be managed by taking Sugeric as curcumin improves metabolism. It helps in maintaining blood sugar levels  at an acceptable number as well.
2) Thyromeric – helps improve Thyroid Health . It keeps thyroid related ailments away because of the myriad of properties of curcumin. Additionally the thyroid hormone production is also kept under check by curcumin.
3) Livturm – Conditions caused by alcohol abuse can be reversed by Livturm. From fatty liver to alcoholic liver disease to liver cirrhosis, curcumin has the ability to fight off all these conditions owing to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
4) Nuramin – Curcumin found in Nuramin is beneficial in reducing inflammation and improving blood flow to the brain, all of which improve brain function. It improves cognition and mood in older people.
5) Cardimin – This is specifically meant to improve the health of your heart . It reduces the toxicity of oxygen and maintains low cholesterol levels.

The best way to consume any of these supplements is to mix them with black pepper and lemon juice. This is because piperine found in black pepper along with lemon juice ensures that the curcumin is absorbed effectively by the body.

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1 thought on “Aging Gracefully With Curcumin Supplements

  1. Couldn’t have agreed more to all the facts shared in this article! Curcumin has been known for its special medicinal properties dating back to many centuries. My mom in law is taking Sugeric regularly and her sugar levels which used to shoot up to 450 at some point in time, is getting back to normal. Of course, she is also continuing with her walks and few amendments in her diet. Great products from Bagdara Farms!

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