winter fruits that help in weight loss
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Notwithstanding knee-jerk reactions, weight loss also involves consistency, planning, dedication and of course, a little determination. While it is a fact that fruits are very nutritious, but they constitute a minuscule part of a healthy diet.

However, what is not very commonly known to most of us is the fact that not all fruits are equally beneficial since different fruits can have different effects on our health and weight. Studies over the time have shown that certain fruits can help us lose weight faster and in an easier manner.

Conversely, some fruits facilitate an increase in weight loss when consumed regularly –

Apple – There is no denying the fact that apples are nutrient-dense that impart a wide range of health benefits which includes weight loss. Studies have shown that eating apples, preferably one apple per day, can help shrink the waistline. This is so because apples are richly loaded with fibre, a nutrient that boosts feelings of fullness and thus wards off hunger pangs.

Orange – This is nature’s one of the most potent weapons to burn of fat. Delicious and loaded with vitamin C, oranges have a similar effect on our health and weight as apples. They have a high percentage of fibre as well and water content which undoubtedly, facilitates weight loss. Not only do they help in boosting immunity, but also take care of the body’s nutritional needs like potassium, minerals, folate, and fibre.

Guavas-This wonder fruit helps to maintain blood sugar levels and is thus excellent for people with diabetes. By being extremely high in fibre, they facilitate extending the time length of satiety thereby preventing us from snacking foods that are more often than not, unhealthy. Guavas also help in enhancing digestion and maintain bowel movements which further healthily helps in weight loss. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, lycopene, and antioxidants, all of which aid cancer prevention and skin inflammation as well.

Pears – In addition to being a good source of vitamin C, pears are an excellent source of fibre. A medium-size pear boasts of nearly 24 percent of the recommended intake of daily fibre. Further, this fruit is free of fat, cholesterol, and sodium apart from containing a good amount of potassium. Since pears are made up of approximately 84 percent water, they are instrumental in keeping the stools soft and also flush the digestive system of toxins thus detoxifying the body naturally. Consuming pears also help regulate the bowel movements.

Consumption of these healthy fruits immensely helps in enhancing up our immune system during winter. It should be ensured that these fruits are consumed in moderation and also, together with an overall balanced diet. An easy and convenient way to incorporate fruits in our daily diet is by mixing them with yogurt or cereal for breakfast, including them in salads for lunch, or even serve them as a sweet accompaniment for dessert to take care of any sweet tooth cravings. Notwithstanding the above brought out facts, it is well known that fruits must be enjoyed with any meal throughout the day.

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