Enhance immunity with Immunoturm

Our immunity system does the work of the defense forces; protecting your body from various bacteria, viruses and disease causing germs.

Our immune system is essential for us to survive as it wards off attacks from disease causing bacteria, viruses and germs.

In present times our environment is filled with pathogens that can cause serious harm to us and as we wade through this sea of pathogens, our immune system stands guard protecting us from them.

The immune system comprises of vast network of cells, organs, proteins and tissues and is spread throughout our body.

His network is always on the lookout for any invasion by pathogens and once identified, a fortified defence is launched against the invaders.

The immune system consists mainly of white blood cells.

White blood cells or leukocytes circulate in the body in blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which parallels the veins and arteries.

Blood Cells Are Stored In Different Parts Of Our Body Organs Referred To As Lymphoid Organs Such As:

  • Thymus: A gland between the lungs and just below the neck.
  • Spleen: Filters the blood and is placed on the upper left of the abdomen.
  • Bone marrow: Found in center of bones, produces RBC ( red blood corpuscles).
  • Lymph nodes: Small glands found throughout the body and are linked by lymphatic vessels.

The WBC Or Leukocytes Are Of Two Types:

  1. Phagocytes: They surround the pathogens and eat them up.
  • Neutrophils
  • Monocytes
  • Macrophages
  • Mast cells
  1. Lymphocytes: Helps the body to remember the previous invaders
  • B-lymphocytes- Produces anti-bodies and warns T-lymphocytes.
  • T-lymphocytes- Destroys the damaged cells and warn other leukocytes.

The Immune System Works In Tandem To Ensure That The Body Gives A Fitting Response To The Antigen (Sparks Off The Immune Response).

B-lymphocytes spot the antigens and swing into action producing antibodies (large family of chemicals called immunoglobulin).

  • Immunoglobulin G(IgG)-marks microbes so that other leukocytes can recognize and deal with them
  • IgM- Expert Bacteria killer
  • IgA- Mixes into fluids like tears and saliva and protects gateways into the bodies
  • IgE- Protects against parasites and is responsible for allergies
  • IgD—Stays with B-lymphocytes to start immune response.

Each individual has a different kind of immune system but as a general rule it becomes stronger when one reaches adulthood, as by then one has been exposed to pathogens and have built an immunity.

  • Innate immunity: The one we are born with like skin and mucus membrane
  • Adaptive immunity: One where the body has got used to.
  • Passive immunity: Borrowed from another source but does not last forever.

As the system is so complex, there are many ways things can go wrong and we can develop various problems:

  • Immunodeficiency: Occurs when one or more parts of the immune system do not work( AIDS< obesity etc).
  • Autoimmunity: When immune system targets healthy cells by mistake( celiac disease, type1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis).
  • Hypersensitivity: Immune system overreacts.

To Give Your Immune System The Much Need Boost, One Doesn’t Need To Look Far As bagdara farms have just the product for you in the form of immunoturm .

  • Immunoturm is 100% organic, making it the most natural thing for your immune system.
  • Immunoturm is enriched with high content of Curcumin and all necessary minerals and nutrients to give your immune system a boost.
  • Curcumin in Immunoturm is the perfect booster for your immune system, owing to its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial properties.
  • Curcumin in Immunoturm boosts immune system health and helps the body defend itself and function to its optimum capability.
  • Curcumin in Immunoturm boosts the white blood cell count and helps regulates the communication of white blood cells to the immune system and the rest of the body thus help improve the functioning of the immune system.
  • The powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial property of Curcumin in Immunoturm helps fight food bacteria, thus boosting metabolism.
  • The anti-oxidant property of Curcumin fights free radicals giving your immune system a push it also detoxifies the liver and boost the functioning of liver.
  • Immunoturm helps boost the immune system by giving your body the much needed break where it can use the new energy to boost the other systems and strengthen and rejuvenate the immune system.

Use Immunoturm To Boost The Immune System:

It can be given to people under all age groups.

 For 2-5 yrs (1/4 tsp once a day)

  • Boil ¼ tsp of Immunoturm with a cup of milk. Once boiled add honey, give your child this concoction once a day.

For 6-9 yrs (¼ tsp twice a day)

  • Same as above, but to be given twice a day.

For 10 yrs and above (½ tsp twice a day)

  • Boil ½ inch piece of ginger, ½ tsp Immunoturm , pinch of black pepper in 1 cup water. Add few drops of lemon juice. Take it twice a day.

 Do not wait for pathogens to find your body, just give you immune system the Immunoturm boost to fight all pathogens organically. Order your bottle now.

Click here for more details : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28854504

1 thought on “Did you know curcumin can enhance immunity

  1. My five year old has always had a rather weak immune system right from her infancy as she was a premature baby. We had to take a lot of care to protect her from various infections either by washing her hands frequently, avoiding going to crowded places as much as we could and so on. These things started becoming difficult as she grew older and started going to school. Then my mother in law suggested that we try immunoturm. I started giving it to her every night before going to bed and within four months her immune system was stronger than ever! No more infection worries now!

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