Sarcopenia Cure with calmya

No matter how young we feel at heart, the reality is that we are ageing biologically with every passing day and ageing paves way for a number of ailments. Till now we’ve spoken just how important our bones and its health is, but did we speak about our precious muscles? Today we will, and how its degeneration can weaken our entire supporting pillar, our skeleton.

Sarcopenia is an age related syndrome that results in mislaying of the skeletal muscle potency, quality and function. While we do loose muscle mass with age, people above 70 are at increased risk of developing this syndrome due to compellingly reduced physical activity. The symptoms include weakness, lethargy and loss of stamina. It is highly important for a human being to maintain the muscle mass in order to have functional independence. The condition can without doubt be brought under control, by first and foremost giving up a sedentary life style and putting on your running shoes. Our favorite herb, the magical turmeric is also known to treat Sarcopenia and conditions related to it.

Turmeric the golden colored, earthy spice has been the Ayurveda’s precious child, when it came to therapeutic healing. This spice of life has adorned our kitchen racks since times immemorial and continues to add a dash of its unique flavor and abundant health in our lives. It has been highly benignant at treating ailments, be it inflammatory disorders or auto-immune disorders and much more. The magical curcumin continues its healing touch on the painful condition of Sarcopenia and does its best for the regeneration of muscles in the most natural way without any side effects.

Calmya from Bagdara Farms has been crafted and doubly fortified, in the most salutiferous way to treat the worrisome condition of Sarcopenia. Brimming with the wholesomeness of the rich bio-active curcumin, Calmya is paramount in assuaging the weariness or fatigue, which escorts the afflictive Sarcopenia and ameliorates their physical strength.

The powerhouse of anti-inflammatory properties, Calmya stops muscle impair caused by this irksome condition, by extinguishing inflammation and simultaneously reducing the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines. These excellent anti-inflammatory properties of the magical Calmya can be great at treating inflammation in the skeletal Sarcopenia and also helps to reduce the risk of developing this bothersome problem.

Calmya infused with restorative properties, stimulates the wound healing process, which considerably slows down in a person suffering from this troubling condition. Sarcopenia is likely to be a result of oxidation stress, which leads to considerable muscle loss. Calmya is a puissant anti-oxidant, hence wages a war against oxidative stress at large thus elevating your health. Calmya is your ready answer to combat and corner the unnerving challenge that Sarcopenia might throw at you. Make Calmya a part of your daily regime and stay away from ailments and celebrate life in a more healthy and natural way.

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