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Every girl dreams for long beautiful and healthy hair. Long beautiful healthy hair not only makes us look super pretty but gives a very elegant look and is an obvious indicator of a good health. Our hair is the best accessory, which is the first thing to be noticed. It defines and gives us a certain personality.

A change in the look of hair completely changes our personality. Our hair faces a huge amount of abuse in a variety of ways like ironing, priming, straightening, pollution, change of water, etc. which leads to a poor quality of hair, hair fall and hair damage. With the increase in pollution in almost every sphere of the earth, it has become very difficult for us to maintain long and healthy quality of hair.

Below Are The Few Symptoms Indicating Unhealthy Hair:

  • The first thing which is noticeable is the split ends, which indicates an onset of unhealthy hair.
  • If your hair is breaking and shredding more than eighty to hundred strands a day, it is an indication of hair fall and hair loss.
  • A healthy hair has a beautiful shine in it and if your hair is dull and non-shiny then this again is a sign of an unhealthy hair.

The List Of Causes Mentioned Below Is The Most Common Reason For Hair Damage:

  • Using the wrong type of hair brush while combing causes breakage of hair.
  • Flat ironing, curling or styling using heat can cause serious damage to our hair.
  • Salt water and chlorine have adverse effect on the hair health.
  • Tightly tying hair in a bun or a pony for a long time can also cause hair damage and a severe headache.
  • Using harmful chemicals for coloring hair can also be a major reason for hair damage.
  • Keeping oneself dehydrated is another big reason for hair damage.
  • Selecting the wrong products can cause serious side effects and result in hair damage.

If you want to reverse the damage caused everyday due to such reasons then Bagdara Farms ‘Trichoturm’ is the solution for you. Our hair basically requires two types of nourishment viz. external and internal. Trichoturm is one unique product which provides nourishment to hair externally.

What is Trichoturm?

Trichoturm is a super product which is made using nature’s secret ingredient called curcumin, which is blessed with an infinite number of qualities. Trichoturm is full of essential nutrients and minerals, which are required to stop hair damage and give a boost to the health of the hair.

Properties Of Trichoturm:

  • It is a natural product, which is made using herbal and organic ingredients and has no side effects.
  • It is a natural anti-oxidant, which dramatically increases body’s anti-oxidant capacity and scavenges free radicals that cause damage to hair.
  • It has anti-microbial properties, which fights off infections and ailments caused due to various microorganisms.
  • It has hair protecting properties, which works as a defensive layer around each strand of hair and protects it from various external abuses.
  • It enhances scalp health by nourishing it with the various essential nutrients.
  • It has anti-inflammatory property, which reduces inflammation of the scalp and helps preventing hair damage.

How To Use Trichoturm Externally?

  • Take ½ tsp Trichoturm with warm mustard oil and massage the scalp with it an hour before taking bath. Wash off with a mild shampoo and notice the beauty and health of the hair improving day by day.

Trichoturm gives life to those dull and damaged hairs. Just grab a bottle of this super affordable magical potion and gift your hair the goodness of health.

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