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Pollution is prevalent almost everywhere with the number of vehicles rising, high population, factories and industries on the rise and many other factors. It has come to a level where pollution has reached an alarming rate. There are many troubles caused due to pollution, health hazards like respiratory troubles and skin damage.

Skin damage is a major problem that is caused due to pollution and affects the cosmetic look of many people. Pollution-affected skin is duller, lifeless, lacks luster and can also develop problems like acne, scaly skin, rashes etc. The skin which has these troubles also tends to age much faster than usual.

Skin problem due to pollution

  • Oxidative stress in the skin is caused due to pollution and this may lead to many problems like inflammation, rashes etc.
  • Skin exposed to too much pollution tends to age faster, since it is more dry and lifeless.
  • The skin exposed to pollution is more prone to get acne and inflammation.
  • Psoriasis is a skin disorder that is also caused in the skin as a result of pollution.
  • Skin cancer is a dreadful condition that is a detrimental effect of pollution.
  • Eruptions on the skin and pigmentation are also repercussions of the menace of pollution.

There are so many skin troubles that one has to face and the fact is that levels of pollution are not going to come down, it is only better and advisable to safeguard your skin from the hazardous effects of pollution. What is required is not only a solution for skin troubles alone but something that wards off all the other harmful effects of pollution on the skin.


The nature has bestowed us with an amazing component which is a powerhouse of such properties that not only combat the harmful effects of pollution on the skin, but also makes the skin glow with health and luster. This is curcumin, the bioactive component present in turmeric, the Queen of Spices. It has fantastic anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antiseptic and anti-microbial properties that help to attenuate all the ill-effects of pollution and maintains the glow of your skin.

A product that has been developed with the extract of curcumin in it especially for the skin by the organic Bagdara Farms is Selfieme-10X. Regular application of this superb product on the skin will impede all the detrimental effects of pollution that appear on the skin.

selfieme-10x helps to cure the following skin diseases that are by-products of pollution:

  • Skin Ageing

Premature skin ageing is caused due to pollution in the air but use of Selfieme-10X with high curcumin in it lowers the damage caused to the skin due to scarring, accumulation of pigments etc.

  • Skin Cancer

Since Selfieme-10X has a high amount of curcumin in it, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. It helps to treat skin cancer as it lowers the growth of cancer cells in the skin and hampers their multiplication.

  • Acne and Dermatitis

Curcumin in Selfieme-10X also causes collagen to get deposited and increases the number of cells that produce collagen. Therefore, it is a faster healing agent and lessens the probability of developing acne and dermatitis with regular use over a considerable period of time.

  • Psoriasis

There are some abnormal cells that develop in the skin as a result of pollution and this develops into the condition of psoriasis. But Selfieme-10X is the solution you need to address this problem as it inhibits the abnormal growth of such cells, which send wrong signals that lead to inflammation.

Therefore, Selfieme-10X is a potent answer to all the skin woes that arise out of pollution and its hazardous effects. One can very easily get rid of the harmful and troubling effects of pollution on the skin. Selfieme-10X is a totally natural and organic product that is curated at Bagdara Farms and manufactured with the home-grown methods. It is thus completely chemical free and the curcumin that is put in it is grown without the use of any harmful fertilizers or pesticides.

You can use Selfieme-10X in many ways. Mix it with water, fuller’s earth or multani mitti, yoghurt, gram flour, rose water, lemon juice, milk and many other combinations. Whatever suits you the best can be applied and it is sure to do wonders for your skin and complexion and get your glow back.

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