yumcumin Boosts Kid’s Immune System

Parents are the first teachers for the children, they try to emulate their parents at every step, whether it is good or bad that’s beside the point. But are we living up to their expectation of being good and doing right always? Our sedentary lifestyle is being constantly observed and replicated by our dear children, whose growing minds are learning the easy way or the lazy way out rather. They assume they are as busy as adults and they are getting used to the unhealthy fare, which is adversely affecting their overall growth and jeopardizing their immunity. They definitely loose, on the all important study time and their favorite play time.

The traditional medicinal system Ayurveda suggests the golden spice for all ages, and after observing the unhealthy trend you can say that it’s imperative to ensure that our kids get a piece of nature in their food to keep them going.

Why turmeric is good for kids?

  • Our little wonders are more prone to infections and ailments since their immune system is still in the process of building up.
  • Their physical requirements in terms of nutrition differ from ours since their growing body demands some things more with loads of nutritional value.
  • This revered spice can be effective in positively impacting your child’s health.

The turmeric haven Bagdara Farms have come up with this amazing product for your tiny tots ‘Yumcumin’, which now I can swear by, seeing multiple positive effects on my super active four year old.

  • Part and parcel dealt by Yumcumin

Wounds, bruises, fever, pain etc are an innate part of growing up. But since they experience it frequently they have to be dealt with care. Yumcumin is packed with super anti-inflammatory properties; this bundle of energy inhibits these bothersome health hiccups and puts your child back on track.

  • Yumcumin is the superhero for oral health too

It’s difficult to keep them away from chocolates all the time. Yumcumin packed with curcumin works magically to shield their teeth and maintain good oral health. Yumcumin massage on the aching teeth, inflamed gums is the most natural way of ensuring a million dollar smile.

  • Splendid for your healthy grey matter and memory

The neuro protective properties in Yumcumin, shields the learning ability and enhances it further and has the unique potential to influence cognitive capabilities.

  • Toughens up the immunity

This is the best feature I admire and strongly lament about Yumcumin is, its super immunity boosting properties, which is the need of the hour for our growing children, who in today’s world are constantly living under conditions of compromised immunity. Yumcumin is instrumental in building up and strengthening the immune powers of the children.

My son would not know the above factors and facts why I give him Yumcumin every day. All he knows and I know for sure is that he loves his golden milk which has been touched by king Midas and sent to him from far far land on a flying wheel. So, give it a try and experience the satisfaction just like me.

Click here for more details :  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29018487

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