Recuce obesity naturally with Curevy

What is obesity?

• Obesity is fast spreading epidemic, which is now a global concern and shows no signs of abating. The increase in the intake of fatty, sugary and junk food, institutionally-driven declines in the physical activity, are said to be perpetrators for the spread of this epidemic. Both are said to play a major role in contributing to the rise in obesity.
• Obesity is a chronic disease, which is in dire need for a medical treatment and prevention. Obesity today is a leading cause of mortality, morbidity, disability and constant strain on our good health.
• Defined as excess adipose tissue, obesity is a biological, preventable and a treatable disease. In simple words it is weight greater than what is considered healthy. A BMI of more than 30 is considered overweight.
• Obesity isn’t a character flaw or just a cosmetic consideration, but definitely is a core of many other chronic illnesses, Type 2 diabetes for example; heart diseases and cardio vascular disorders, some types of cancer, depression, and arthritis are all the doing of notorious obesity.
• The cure to obesity cannot be a short term fix, but it has to be a lifelong commitment by making healthy natural things a part of your life.

What is Curevy? Can it treat Obesity

• A special formulation of Bagdara Farms is curated keeping in mind the way this chronic disease is spreading like wild fire and expanding its deadly roots in our life.
• Rich in its curcumin component, Curevy, has been found to support the activity of curcumin in promoting weight loss and reducing the incidence of obesity along with  obesity related diseases.
• The curcumin in Curevy reduces the expression of the potent pro inflammatory adipokines tumor necrosis factor and it induces the expression of adiponectin, the principal anti-inflammatory agent, secreted by adipocyte. Through these diverse mechanisms with curcumin loaded, wonder product Curevy reduces obesity and curtails the adversities of obesity on our health.
• The powerful properties found in turmeric aid in lowering the bad cholesterol, which function in direct correlation with weight loss and kicking out obesity.
• The liver is responsible for digestion and metabolizing the fat. Curevy helps in detoxification of the liver and allows this vital organ to work optimally and in turn this cleansed liver will get rid of the fat in your body and help you say bye to obesity.
Curevy is excellent at promoting digestion and getting rid of all the unwanted fat that’s holding on around the midsection of the body. Curevy also aids in getting rid of the bloating, improves digestion and speed up metabolism. It also relieves you from the pain that occurs due to bloating. So this is just another feather on Curevy’s cap.
• Curevy’s innumerable anti-oxidant properties prevents the oxidation of molecules in the body, especially for those exposed to smoke, pollution and other harmful chemicals found in the environment. Curevy’s anti-oxidant action have the ability to suppress oxidative stress in fat cells thus aiding the cornering of obesity and eventually driving it out.
• Curevy from Bagdara farms is instrumental at treating the metabolic syndrome, which is a common factor amongst people suffering from obesity. It ensures the conversion of fat into usable energy.
• The curcumin in curevy can play a significant role in bringing down insulin resistance, which has often been associated with belly fat, weight gain and by reversing the insulin resistance, which curcumin in Curevy has the power of performing that can totally change the way your body responds to food.
• The chronic disease obesity can bring along with it host of health ailments, but curevy loaded with the bio active curcumin is a good , simple, healthy, organic and a chemical free way to fight the monster called obesity and divert your journey down to the path of great health.
It’s time to embrace nature in the disguise of Curevy packed beautifully and this nature’s goodness is delivered at your door step to give you natural health.

Curevy is also known to bust depression, which is leading cause of obesity.
So, don’t wait till it gets late, get yourself this organically rich product, simple easy and economical and stay healthy and slim.

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