Irritable bowel syndrome treatment in dogs with barkumin

A healthy pet is a happy pet and happier the pet happier the family, and the way to good health lies in healthy eating habits and a strong digestive system. What if your pet has irritable bowel syndrome and is always struggling with the symptoms then his health is never going to pick up.

The worst thing is most of the times one may just take it as a case of an upset stomach or recurring diarrhea, and that leads to worsening of the condition.

What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel system is closely associated with chronic inflammation and discomfort of the bowel, a common affliction of the large intestine which causes cramping, diarrhea or constipation or both. A chronic disorder which needs to be managed well. Though the effects aren’t dangerous it still leads to poor health.

It can, however, be controlled by managing your pet’s diet.

Watch out for these warning signs:

  • The most common sign of IBS is chronic, occasional large bowel diarrhea
  • Frequent passage of a small number of feces and mucus
  • Constipation (dyschezia)
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Vomiting and nausea

The reason behind your dog developing IBS

  • Abdominal colonic myoelectrical activity and motility
  • Dietary fiber deficiency
  • Dietary fiber intolerance
  • Stress can lead to worsening of the condition and severe attack
  • Changes in neural or neurochemical regulation

If your pet has these signs then a visit to the vet is a must for correct prognosis:

Diagnosis is based on exclusion and is made, once all other causes or problems of the digestive system are ruled out.

To get to that the following issues need to be ruled out:

  • Intestinal worms (e.g., whipworms) or parasites (e.g., giardia, coccidia)
  • Inflammatory colitis
  • A bacterial, fungal or another type of infection
  • Tumors of the colon
  • The abnormal turning of the intestine (cecal inversion)

If your dog has IBS you must get your dog the Barkumin benefit.

Why is Barkumin perfect for treating IBS?

  • First and foremost Barkumin not only takes care of IBS it also provides dietary fiber, all because of high Curcumin content
  • Barkumin has a high Curcumin content (present if the rhizomes of turmeric and is also responsible for its color) the anti-inflammatory quality of curcumin makes it very effective against Irritable Bowel syndrome.
  • Curcumin brings down intestinal motility dysfunction which is considered to be the main causes of IBS.
  • Varying degree of contractions of the intestinal wall can lead to diarrhea or constipation.
  • As intestinal motility is considered to be one of the major causes of IBS. By controlling intestinal motility curcumin effectively checks irritable bowel syndrome.

This is just one of the wonders that curcumin present in Barkumin can perform.

It can also check and control the other symptoms.

  • Curcumin can act on the stomach-brain axis and regulate the levels of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter, this helps in better functioning of the nervous signals to the brain from the intestine thus proving beneficial in controlling IBS symptoms.
  • Barkumin will provide relief from painful stomach cramps as curcumin is one of the best know anti-spasmodic. What curcumin does is, that it reduces the frequency of muscle activity thus soothing the muscles.

As stress and depression are triggers for IBS, Curcumin present in Barkumin acts as a deterrent for cortisol secretion.

  • In simple words, curcumin reduces the secretion of stress hormones and by helping in serotonin secretion it checks stress and acts like an anti-depressant. Due to this function, Barkumin alleviates depression and symptoms of IBS related to mood swings.
  • Barkumin also prevents inflammation of the gastric as well as intestinal wall thus proving to be an effective treatment for checking IBS symptoms of bloating and excessive gas.

Curcumin also helps check and control food allergies (which are the main causes of IBS)

  • The response of the immune system leads to sensitivity in the gastrointestinal tract leading to Irritable bowel syndrome. If one were to eliminate all the food items one is allergic to it would lead to reduced intake of nutrients which is certainly not a feasible option.
  • The best way would be to combat these allergies and curcumin provides that olive branch as it helps strengthen the immune system. Once the immune system is strong, dogs suffering from IBS can lead a healthier life and you can include more nutrients in their diet.

Give your pet the loving care of Barkumin.

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