chronic gastrointestinal problems cure with teameric

The west continues to take inspiration from the east and as a result our age old spice turmeric has popped up the popularity chart as a therapeutic healer for uplifting our holistic health. Turmeric tea is considered to be a health elevating beverage in today’s time and is considered as good as its cousin the golden milk. Turmeric tea’s popularity surely sky rocketed and is continuing to spread its magic in our lives.

Turmeric tea is just not a cup of tea, it’s a cup full of natural and organic goodness, which is sure to elate your overall health. This simple tea is lighter and doubly refreshing version of many health drinks that are available in the market. Made with water, aromatic and warming spices like ginger, honey and of course the super star turmeric to fight inflammation. You will be glad to know that in India with the nip in the year setting in; it’s perfect for you to start this potion.

Teameric from Bagdara Farms is a special formulation of turmeric tea, to ensure your good health. Teameric is high on curcumin, is packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, its subtle flavor is unique and reaps the multiple health benefits.

Why Teameric?

  • Teameric’s plethora of medicinal, including anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties could be beneficial in averting or preventing the deadly cancer cells along with healing and soothing your body this fall. Teameric also has abundant anti-carcinogenic properties that lend this unique product, the potential to keep you healthy minus the maladies.
  • Got some serious and chronic gastrointestinal problems, like ulcers? Teameric is prodigious in maintaining the remission from the symptoms. Regular consumption of teameric twice a day could bring an end to your agonies.
  • Of course, with its core nature being turmeric, how can Teameric not to do its prime job of boosting the immunity? Teameric, with its innumerable medicinal properties, enhances your immune system, gives it a boost and keeps all immune disorders at bay. Teameric does a great job of moderating the immune system.
  • Teameric is marvelous at keeping a check on the bad cholesterol. Teameric can prevent and reduce the risk of you developing some serious conditions, including heart disease and stroke with its regular consumption.
  • Brimming with the properties of bio-active curcumin, teameric can also avert uveitis, which is the inflammation of iris. The best part about this prodigious product is this works without causing harm to your health or side effects indeed.
  • Regular consumption of Teameric, with its powerful antioxidants can considerably bring down the risk of neuro-degenerative diseases. Teameric with its high level of curcumin can prove to be beneficial for boosting your memory and gray matter active and kicking.
  • Your sore knees would be naturally healed and soothed with continues use of teameric thrice a day. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties are commendable when it comes to easing inflammation and swelling of those stiff joints and stubborn pain.

How can I make my cuppa with Teameric?

  1. Boil 2-3 cups of water
  2. Add 1 tbsp of teameric
  3. Simmer for about 3-5 minutes
  4. Strain this magic potion
  5. Add honey, a quick squeeze of lemon or you could also add milk in case you want to ditch the lemon.

Teameric is not only safe for consumption; it’s naturally organic and will not bother you with multiple side effects like those over the counter medicines. It will relieve you of inflammation, bring down oxidative stress and everything negative or harmful that may be a stumbling block on your health.  So, with such bag full of benefits that this humble product has to offer us, all I can say is that there wouldn’t be anything better than Teameric; making it a part of our lives would only make us live our life in the best of health.

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