Defy Age with Dermaturm

An inevitable and constant process in life is ageing. While outward, ageing reflects the age of a person but on a biological level, the changes that take place at the cellular level lead to ageing. It also decreases the immunity of the body and makes it prone to infections and diseases.

The process of ageing depends on many factors; some are genetic while others are environmental. This process has a complex graph and goes on gradually in the body. It leads to degradation of the functions of the body making it prone to diseases. Ageing manifests itself in the form of alteration of the various parts of the body.

Characteristics of ageing

There are many characteristics that ageing has. Let’s see how it manifests in the body:

  • Skin gets wrinkled with spots and blemishes appearing on the face.
  • Hair grays and becomes weak.
  • Vision, hearing, memory are affected.
  • Bones and joints are also weakened with passing age.
  • Digestion goes weak making it difficult to digest heavy and oily foods.
  • Immunity and resistance of the body also gets low.

It is also a fact that ageing cannot be avoided but it surely can be delayed so that you look and feel more youthful. There is no one who doesn’t want to look and feel younger. How is it possible? I am sure you would like to know.

Anti-Ageing Dermaturm with Curcumin

  • The answer lies in the age old spice of turmeric. Its active ingredient curcumin is the reason for the anti-ageing properties that it has. The best product that will help you combat the effects ageing on your skin is Dermaturm from Bagdara Farms. It is a miracle product that is free of any type of chemicals or artificial components that will harm your skin.
  • This product is manufactured through an all-organic process at our very own Bagdara Farms. Dermaturm is antibacterial and anti-fungal that prevents any kind of infection that is caused in the skin, in turn preventing it to develop skin troubles earlier on in life.
  • Curcumin in Dermaturm has healing properties that help to deal with the signs of ageing, thus minimizing the negative effects.

Look Young with Dermaturm

Factors that age your skin:

  • There are many reasons that lead to ageing of your skin. They could be internal or external.
  • Internal factors are genetic makeup, hormonal problems or some modification in the body.
  • Exposure to sun, consumption of alcohol, smoking, insufficient and poor nutrition and pollution are the external factors that lead to ageing of the skin.

The symptoms of ageing that appear outwardly are spots on the face or other parts of the body, sagging skin, wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation etc. Collagen, the protein that maintains firmness of the skin is lost as the body grows beyond a certain age and this is what leads to wrinkles sagging.

What can delay all these symptoms to appear is to use Dermaturm regularly and your skin will become youthful and supple in a natural way. Curcumin in this wonder product is very rich in antioxidants that make it strong to combat ageing woes.

Curcumin in Dermaturm

  • Curcumin in Dermaturm from Bagdara Farms can treat oxidative stress that is the imbalance that occurs in the antioxidants and pro-oxidants.
  • The anti-oxidant enzymes are increased, thanks to curcumin content of Dermaturm that eats up the free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress and also limit oxidation of fats that are there in the cell membrane and lead to death of cells.
  • Curcumin of Dermaturm also inhibits the damage to skin that is caused by the UV rays. Curcumin helps to treat photo-ageing of the skin.

Therefore, Dermaturm is helpful in more ways than one to get youthful and supple skin. With the fantastic antioxidant properties that Dermaturm has, we are sure that you need nothing more to get a glowing youthful skin that will be the envy of many. Defy age with Dermaturm and look young always.

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